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Alex Noble

Man in the middle fraud in call centres

Never one to post only on up to the minute stories, the blog was quite interested in the Finextra report a fortnight ago on "man in the middle" fraud in call centres. I just haven't had a ...

27 Jul 2009
Alex Noble

Contact Centre impersonation arrives in the UK

I wrote yesterday on the problems the Commonwealth Bank of Australia was having with a phishing attack that caused customers to call a fake contact centre that impersonated the bank's centre and captu...

05 Jun 2009
Alex Noble

Phishing at a new level with a fake bank contact centre

I normally focus the blog on Europe, but this story from Australia shows a very alarming new level of fraud. In this case fraudsters have targeted Commonwealth Bank of Australia customers with a fake ...

04 Jun 2009
Alex Noble

Axa to create 600 new UK contact centre jobs

A piece of good news reported on CCF, "AXA to create 600 jobs". I was particularly interested to see that these jobs are onshore in the UK. The blog has looked at Axa contact centres befor...

27 May 2009
Alex Noble

FSA determines offshore call centres a risk - finally!

I seem to hear the sound of a stable door being shut, and long after the horse has bolted. The FSA seems finally to have realised that offshore call centres can constitute a risk in financial service...

08 May 2009
Alex Noble

Sallie Mae - Customer service or protectionism?

An interesting story on Finextra that Sallie Mae is looking to bring back onshore around 2,000 jobs. It's a trend that so far in Europe has been primarily associated with customer service. I've cov...

08 Apr 2009
Alex Noble

HSBC redundancies and their call centres

It's always sad to see bad news on jobs and HSBC's announcement last week was no exception. The BBC report is that while the bank says that 1,200 jobs are at risk, the unions are talking about up to ...

30 Mar 2009
Alex Noble

BBC Moneybox on Speech Recognition for banking

I appreciate the BBC Radio's weekly personal finance program 'Moneybox' may not be something that all of my blog readers are aware of, but this week it's been looking at speech recognition and biomet...

09 Feb 2009