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Sriram Natarajan

Will Twitter founder Square Visa - MasterCard?

Further to my earlier post on Internet based payment applications, it looks like 2010 is going to be the year of alternate payments. We can see the high level of interest in the subject. Jack Dorsey -...

26 Dec 2009
Sriram Natarajan

White Collar crime now in 'Starbucks' league!

The latest Pricewaterhouse Coopers Global Economic crime survey released last week confirms our worst fears. The stinging economic recession has taken economic crime to the 'classes'. Middle and upper...

22 Nov 2009
Sriram Natarajan

Card payment networks - be afraid - very afraid.......

We are now at the cliched inflection point on payment innovation. In recent months, many of the goliaths of the online world are offering their own payment channels - Amazon, GooglePay, PayPal - that ...

16 Nov 2009
Sriram Natarajan

Watch lists!

There are so many watch lists maintained across the world. The FATF maintains one, FINCEN, and so does Interpol. Reportedly the FBI keeps getting 1600 new 'suggestions' everyday for its list! See here...

01 Nov 2009
Sriram Natarajan

World economics explained!

I don't know who to give credit for this hilarious piece on world economy; but this one landed in my inbox and cracked me up: "It is the month of August, on the shores of the Black Sea. It is rai...

27 Sep 2009
Sriram Natarajan

Nokia Money - new world currency?

At last, the mobile telecom industry has come up with a credible challenge to the banking industry. For many years now, mobile operators and MSPs have been dabbling with financial products and payment...

29 Aug 2009
Sriram Natarajan

Line up here - to be compensated for Internet Fraud!

Internet scamsters are breaking new boundaries. Now they are offering compensation for victims of Internet Fraud! As I have always held - the scamsters are far ahead of the pack in creativity. To make...

09 Aug 2009
Sriram Natarajan

IPhone our way out of recession?

Over the past few months, a growing phenomena of amazing Iphone applications seem to be quietly taking over the world. Some of these apps are crazy, weird and some downright wacky! Sample these - an I...

05 Aug 2009
Sriram Natarajan

Isn't there anything untainted anymore?

There are various guilt trips that people across the world have - vegans on animal cruelty, 'greenies' ,.... and now looks like even the hi tech items we use on a day to day basis are tainted with blo...

25 Jul 2009
Sriram Natarajan

Laundering money - the sporting way

Money Laundering - as we know - is one of the most thriving businesses the world over. In these troubled times, it is all the more prevalent with newer players and more creative means cropping up ever...

15 Jul 2009
Sriram Natarajan

Shift Index

Deloitte has come up with a thought provoking report and a composite index to measure the 'seismic' shifts in our lives. I think a very insightful read - go to

25 Jun 2009
Sriram Natarajan

Even the dead have to pay up!

I thought it is a reflection of the weird times we live in that debt collectors are going even after debts of dead people. This story in the NYT makes a compelling read -

05 Mar 2009