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A Finextra Member

Digital Payment Tech Gets Massive Upgrade with Blockchain

New open-source program promises to shake up the digital payments arena! Can Blockchain Get MasterCard and Visa to Step Aside? There are mixed views about the future of virtual currency, with key in...

30 Nov 2015
Robert Siciliano

How to pwn Anyone

Define Pwn: Pwn is a slang term derived from the verb own, as meaning to appropriate or to conquer to gain ownership. The term implies domination or humiliation of a rival. And when it’s done by hacki...

28 Nov 2015
Rik De Deyn

The Block Chainletter

Dear software vendor Dear innovator Dear payments guru Dear marketer BEWARE! Now that you have started to read this block chainletter you MUST continue to read it, follow the procedure strictly or gre...

27 Nov 2015
A Finextra Member

Cyber-attack: are you combat ready?

Week by week there are stories of renewed cyber-attacks, such as the theft of customers’ personal details from TalkTalk. The simple and fundamental truth is that businesses and governments must get th...

27 Nov 2015
Mike Davies

Challenging the challengers on customer communication

Anthony Thompson, former founder of Metro Bank, laid down his vision for banking recently in an interview with Marketing Week: “nobody cares about banking”. For him, he sees banking as a basic service...

27 Nov 2015
A Finextra Member

How banks can improve the loyalty experience in three simple steps

What consumers expect from their loyalty programmes is evolving. To improve the experience in line with these expectations, financial service organisations must obtain a better understanding of their ...

27 Nov 2015
Paul Hampton

Will contactless kill traditional payment methods?

While cash and card payments are still the most widespread methods of payment, studies show that UK shoppers increasingly prefer using mobile payments instead of credit cards. Mobile payments could v...

27 Nov 2015
Said Tabet

Black Friday: Should we be worried about our transactions?

The Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend marks one of the busiest shopping periods in the UK. The tradition, which originated in the US, where it follows Thanksgiving Thursday, arrived in the UK a fe...

26 Nov 2015
Ian Stone

Why the Customer is King in Strategic Planning

Companies are faced with a future that would appear to be both unknowable and uncontrollable. Some appear to have slipped into the false comfort that it is best not to make too many firm choices, and ...

26 Nov 2015
Enrico Camerinelli

Blockchain Business Scenarios

These days blockchain is a blockbuster at banks. Financial institutions are spending time and resources to find how much business they can gain by adopting this new technology. This hype on the bank s...

25 Nov 2015
Transaction Banking
A Finextra Member

The train on platform MiFID 2 is delayed by one year

Not surprising to see that it now looks odds-on that we’ll get a full one year delay on the implementation of MiFID 2. This will embarrass the politicians who don’t want to be seen as going soft on th...

25 Nov 2015
A Finextra Member

How is Japan Coping with Today's Realities?

Making a break from the past is important for Japan to move forward! Well Intentioned Policy from Abe Falls Flat Abenomics the eponymous economic policy crafted by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe ...

25 Nov 2015