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Robert Siciliano

UL to launch Cybersecurity Cert

UL in this case stands for Underwriters Laboratories. An article on notes that a UL official, Maarten Bron, says that they are taking part in the U.S. government’s plan to promote secu...

20 Aug 2015
Robert Siciliano

How to stop Browser Tracking

Maybe you don’t mind the ads for that bicycle rack following you around in cyberspace after you visited a site for all things bike, but browser trackers (“cookies”) also create a profile of you that g...

18 Aug 2015
Robert Siciliano

Company for sale includes your Data

When you subscribe to an online service, be careful of how much information you give out about yourself. Most businesses in their terms and conditions, say they “respect your privacy.” But what if the...

14 Aug 2015
Robert Siciliano

Even Hackers get hacked

Burglars get burgled, muggers get mugged, and hackers get hacked. This includes a sophisticated ring of hackers: Hacking Team, hailing from Italy, specializing in selling hacking software to major gov...

13 Aug 2015
Robert Siciliano

Hacker isn't a bad Word

Did you know that the original meaning of hacker, as far as computers, was that of a person who built codes into computers? In fact, the bad guy was called a “cracker.” Somehow, “cracker” didn’t catch...

11 Aug 2015
Robert Siciliano

Passwords in Real Life: Don't be Lazy

It’s tough being responsible sometimes. And managing responsibilities for what is precious in your life usually takes a little extra thought. Let’s say you’ve just welcomed a beautiful set of triplet...

07 Aug 2015
Robert Siciliano

App Tells Who's Digging into Your Personal Data

Did you know that sometimes, the apps you use for your smartphone have access to your personal information and are capable of sharing it? Are you aware that your privacy can be invaded across the netw...

31 Jul 2015
Robert Siciliano

Why Hacking is a National Emergency

Foreign hackers, look out: Uncle Sam is out to get you. President Obama has issued an order that allows the State Department and Treasury Departments to immobilize the financial assets of anyone out-o...

29 Jul 2015
Robert Siciliano

How to sign out of all Google Accounts

Let’s cut to the chase (never mind how you misplaced your phone): There are several ways to sign out of your Google accounts remotely. It takes three steps, and you’ll need the desktop version of Goog...

28 Jul 2015
Robert Siciliano

Don't Rely on the Password Reset

Think about your keychain. It probably holds the necessities: car keys, home keys, work keys, miscellaneous keychains you bought on your previous vacations. Now, imagine you have a keychain full of th...

25 Jul 2015
Robert Siciliano

Signs You have Malware and what You can do

Not all computer viruses immediately crash your device in a dramatic display. A virus can run in the background, quietly creeping around on its tip-toes, stealing things and messing things up along th...

23 Jul 2015
Robert Siciliano

Reports say Russians hacked IRS Identities

CNN recently reported that the data breach of the IRS, which occurred between this past February and May, originated from Russia. The crooks were able to steal tax returns from over 100,000 people. Th...

22 Jul 2015