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Steve Morgan

The pressure is on banks to reduce costs, but how?

The UK fell into recession for the first time in over a decade last year and is on course for a double-dip recession this winter and a far more difficult path to recovery in 2021. Without doubt, COVID...

06 Jan 2021
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation
Akhil Rao

ISO 20022 Translators, SWIFTgpi plugins and Process Optimization

Payments systems have always been complex but critical parts of the banking world. Over the last decade, the payments environment has become much more dynamic, creating even greater challenges for fin...

06 Jan 2021
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation
Thomas Pintelon

Improving traditional credit scoring with a forward-looking approach

Question: Do you know how much your total committed credit exposure is? Traditional credit registries In Belgium when a natural person requests a credit, banks and credit institutions are obliged to...

06 Jan 2021
Financial Risk Management
Greg Nilson

There is no reason to sell. What will happen to Bitcoin and Ethereum?

During the past week, the price of Ethereum has increased by 45%, Bitcoin - by almost 20%. Let's try to answer one of the main questions of traders and investors — what to do with assets now, will the...

06 Jan 2021
Cryptocurrency Insights
Orkhan Nasibov

The Efficiency of Fintech in the transformation of Bank Payment Services

The globalization of the world economy has radically changed the development processes of the financial market in general and commercial banks in particular, giving them an innovative focus. As the wo...

06 Jan 2021
Satyam Chaturvedi

What is DevOps, Why a Startup Needs It?

In Today’s world technology is changing is so fast, the technology companies want to deliver their product as soon as possible in the market to make a big amount of profit and solve the problem of man...

06 Jan 2021
Yinglian Xie

Say Goodbye to Paper Cheques in 2021, but Be Prepared for Digital Payment Fraud

Someone who knows all about this is Yinglain Xie, CEO of Datavisor, fraud detection company with solutions powered by AI technology. Having previously worked at Microsoft, Yinglain has over 10 years o...

05 Jan 2021
Artificial Intelligence and Financial Services
Ron Cogburn

The First Law of Robotics: A Robot May Not Injure a Human Being...

The Three Laws of Robotics were introduced to the viewing public in 1940 by Issac Asimov in his short story; "Runaround". 1. A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction allow...

05 Jan 2021
Artificial Intelligence and Financial Services
Moises Cohen

Covid Has Catalyzed Banking Innovation: The Challenges and Opportunities that Remain

Covid-19 has been a transformative experience for banks. With lockdowns and limits on in-person service, banks were forced to quickly arrange for an increased volume of online services. As a result, a...

05 Jan 2021
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation
David Fagleman

Make it a new year’s resolution to be more careful with what’s in your wallet

Digital enthusiasts commonly portray a future in which technology has eradicated crime. Indeed, one of the most loved arguments for a cashless society is that without physical money criminals will be ...

05 Jan 2021
Digital Identity Management
Alex Kreger

Post-Covid Digital Strategy: Banking Customer Experience Trends of 2021

The pandemic created a monumental shift from physical to digital by accelerating the natural progress many times over. People have adopted new behaviors that will become habit-forming. Just being digi...

04 Jan 2021
Digital Banking Trends
Christopher Smith

Compliance and control: Solve your data headache with better email and document management

The increasing volume of data that financial firms hold is making it difficult for them to control information and ensure sensitive correspondence is managed effectively. This lack of data management ...

04 Jan 2021
Data Management and Governance