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Victor Martin

Common Quiz Creation Mistakes That Could Be Costing You E-commerce Sales

Engaging your consumers and pointing them toward the correct items are essential for raising sales and improving conversions in the fast-paced world of e-commerce. The use of quizzes is an efficient t...

18 Sep 2023
Business Knowledge for IT
Maysam Rizvi

How Fintech is Helping Consumers with Rising Rates and Financial Challenges

In recent years, there has been a continual rise in base rates, which began in December 2021 and is expected to continue into 2024. At first glance, these increases appear as calculated policy decisi...

18 Sep 2023
Banking Regulations
Dmytro Spilka

3 Essential Ways to Scale Your Fintech Startup by Embracing Process Automation

Fintech platforms are finding success in embracing innovation where their traditional financial institution counterparts have evolved slower. Now, as automation becomes sophisticated enough to streaml...

18 Sep 2023
Myles Milston

Private markets closing the gap to public markets

The decline in IPO activity has extended into 2023, while private markets continue to press ahead, increasing funding, deepening liquidity and improving technology. Myles Milston, co-founder and CEO o...

18 Sep 2023
David Hensley

The role of digital wallets in promoting financial inclusion

Financial inclusion is the ability of individuals and businesses to access affordable and appropriate financial services. It is essential for economic development and poverty reduction. However, billi...

18 Sep 2023
Imagine a world without cash
Alex Kreger

Prepare for a UX Marathon in Banking Because Design Sprints Will Not Help

There is one similarity in the world of sports and banking services design. I'm talking about two approaches — sprinting and marathon running. Picture two renowned athletes, Usain Bolt and Eliud Kipch...

18 Sep 2023
Digital Banking
Joris Lochy

The Price Is Right: A Quest for Fairness and Simplicity

In a world marked by high inflation rates, governments are engaged in a race to find ways to compensate citizens for their diminishing purchasing power. Simultaneously, businesses are navigating a com...

17 Sep 2023
Innovation in Financial Services
Luke Voiles

Growth at all costs is dead; Three lessons founders can learn from SMBs about sustainable growth

I’m sure it won’t come as a surprise to you that the VC-funding boom of the past couple of years is over. With those VCs still sitting on dry powder, hesitant to pull the trigger on growth-stage compa...

15 Sep 2023
Embedded Finance
Kevin Greene

The Future of Payments is Real-Time

Real-time payment networks work around-the-clock and offer many benefits, from flexibility to security. Instantaneous payments are already bringing vast improvements to the financial services ecosyste...

15 Sep 2023
Konstantin Rabin

The Essential Crypto Tools Every B2B Business Should Have

The realm of digital currencies has experienced significant growth in recent times, extending beyond individual investors. B2B enterprises are progressively acknowledging the possibilities that crypto...

15 Sep 2023
Rebecca Trivella

A New Approach: How Gamification Reinvents Credit Card Launches

Today's customer isn't just looking for another card to add to their collection. What they want is a financial partner that offers an engaging and rewarding experience. No longer limited to traditiona...

15 Sep 2023
Marketing in Financial Services
Naina Rajgopalan

How Indians Can Make UPI Payments Abroad?

For any Indian travelling to any part of the world, shopping is a must, and using other payment modes can sometimes be a headache. But now, for Indians, it is easy to enjoy the benefits of UPI (Unifie...

15 Sep 2023

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