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Martin Ellingham

Mind the Gap

How changing consumer behaviour impacts software demands The rise of the digital economy has without a doubt led to a staggering rise in customer expectations. Consumers across all sectors are now exp...

09 Mar 2020
Thomas Winter

Cryptocurrency firms: Do you have your house in order?

It’s no surprise that the 5th Money Laundering Directive tightened up on the cryptocurrency sector in the EU, finally catching up with the US. There has been a void in regulations in this sector which...

09 Mar 2020
Cryptocurrency Insights
Chris Holmes

VC investment strategies

FinTech investment from VCs continues to pour into the market, filling the pockets of a plethora of sub-sectors under the FinTech umbrella. 2019 saw $33.9B worth of investment, and while this is a de...

09 Mar 2020
Trends in Financial Services
Joris Lochy

Budgeting apps - A red ocean looking for a market

In August 2019, I wrote a blog post on PFM tools called "PFM, BFM, Financial Butler, Financial Cockpit…​ - Will the cumbersome administrative tasks on your financials finally be taken over?"...

08 Mar 2020
Innovation in Financial Services
Dane Thacker

The impact of COVID-19 on voice trading continuity

It’s arrived in Europe and and now proliferating in Britain. As the true impact of the Covid-19 virus on the global economy continues to unfold, the financial markets have already taken a big hit, as ...

07 Mar 2020
Hakan Eroglu

The ambitious path to Open Finance and Open Data ... how Europe is leading the way

Thanks to PSD2 in the EU, and open banking in the UK, Europe has been leading the way with its open banking initiatives. This significant development represents the beginning of a journey to democrati...

06 Mar 2020
Open Banking
Charu Kirti Jain

Will financial institutions make the SRDII deadline

With barely six months remaining before the September 2020 deadline for European Commission’s implementing regulation 2018/1212 for Shareholder Rights Directive II (SRDII), firms operating as financia...

06 Mar 2020
Financial Services Regulation
Willem Lambrechts

NLP and Sales Part II : success has many fathers, failure is an orphan

A couple of years ago, I was involved, as a, or rather, as the sales rep in a multimillion Euro deal between a major bank and a young, very promissing, technology company. Obviously, as the sales rep...

06 Mar 2020
Marketing in Financial Services
Konstantin Rabin

SA startup Jumo gets the backing from Goldman and Sach

Yet another African startup is raking up millions from investors around the world during its round of financing and this time around the major investor is America’s most prestigious investment bank- G...

06 Mar 2020
Ravishankar Poonjolai

ESG Investing: A New Approach to Thoughtful Investments

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) investment has gained traction in recent times with growing patronage from institutional as well as millennial high net worth investors. ESG investments wer...

06 Mar 2020
Innovation in Financial Services
Andrew Beatty

How Are Banks Using Events to Create Better Experiences?

One thing that banks are not lacking is data. Adding events and event streams into the mix, both the volume and the quality of data will increase exponentially. In today’s data-driven world, banks ado...

05 Mar 2020
Open Banking
Marcus Martinez

Hyper-Casual Banking

If you own a smartphone, the chances are you have at least one gaming app installed. You know, for those rare moments when you have a few minutes to spare and just need to switch your mental focus. Ho...

04 Mar 2020
Open Banking