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Robert Siciliano

Underground Forums Selling Stolen Credit Cards

“Carders” are the people who buy, sell, and trade stolen credit card data online. This carding forum videoprovides an example of an online forum where stolen credit cards are bought and sold. Hackers ...

07 Mar 2012
Robert Siciliano

Spotlight on RSA: Latest Security Threats

2012’s RSA Conference kicks off February 27th. Executive Chairman, RSA, Security Division of EMC Arthur Coviello, Jr. will present a program focused on the fact that in the past 18 months, organizati...

28 Feb 2012
Robert Siciliano

5 Insidious Forms of Auto Insurance Fraud

Insurance is intended to have your back in the event that something goes wrong, but some individuals have found loopholes in the system, effectively turning insurance companies into their own personal...

21 Feb 2012
Robert Siciliano

Do You Have A False Sense of Cybersecurity for Mobile?

Nearly three-quarters of Americans have never installed data protection applications or security software on their mobile devices to prevent data loss or defend against viruses and malware. 72% of us ...

13 Feb 2012
Robert Siciliano

Data Privacy Day 2012

Lately, it seems that barely a day goes by when we don’t learn about a major Internet presence taking steps to further erode users’ privacy. The companies with access to our data are tracking us in wa...

03 Feb 2012
Robert Siciliano

How To Steal A Car: Hack It!

No more jimmying doors with a Slim Jim, bricks through windows, extracting lock cylinders with a dent puller, or hot-wiring ignitions. Automobiles today are being built to include wireless capabilitie...

31 Jan 2012
Robert Siciliano

Seasonal Security: A Poem

It’s that time of year, for holiday cheer, to give of ourselves and ring in the New Year. But while you celebrate, please keep in mind, criminals and hackers are not far behind. Mobile malware is he...

08 Jan 2012