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Stephen Wilson

Hybrid cards perhaps less than the sum of their parts

The real issue in the new crop of hybrid cards that combine Chip & PIN with One Time Password generators is whether they represent a long term strategic advance, or are more about shorter term con...

05 Dec 2008
Stephen Wilson

How to stop identity theft

The root problem in most identity theft as we know it today is the ease with which ID data can be taken over and replayed. Businesses ask for -- and obtain -- ever increasing amounts of precious ID d...

28 Oct 2008
Stephen Wilson

But is it an attack on Chip and PIN per se?

I can see how lifting account details from a terminal device can help an attacker take over a bank account via conventional channels, but I am not sure that this is an attack on the Chip and PIN syste...

13 Oct 2008
Stephen Wilson

Where is the All Party Parl. Group ID Fraud Report?

While there is some reporatge of the latest report by the All Party Parliamentary Group on ID Fraud, I cannot find the APPG's report, or even its press release anywhere. The APPG's website (www.fhcrea...

08 Oct 2008
Stephen Wilson

National ID card and biometrics in banking

One purpose for the planned UK National ID Card is that it is to be used to help banks confirm identity when individuals open new accounts or undertake certain higher risk transactions. The plan is f...

05 Jul 2008
Stephen Wilson

We could make ourselves less vulnerable to breaches

People often bemoan being treated "like numbers" in the modern world. If we think more deeply about ID theft, the real problem is that when we deal with people numerically, we need to tak

27 May 2008
Stephen Wilson

What about offering a phishing-proof interface?

How is it that we have all forgotten that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure? Giving away anti-phishing software is shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted. Phishing and pha...

23 May 2008
Stephen Wilson

Responding regionally to credit card fraud

My first reaction to the news of Citi's special concierge (in which a reliable intermediary facilitates Singaporean online shoppers using US web stores) was, well, someone's going to be paying a nice ...

14 May 2008
Stephen Wilson

Why is Federated Identity so hard?

Perhaps because it's just not natural! Federated Identity is certainly one of the hotter topics in e-business and security circles currently. It promises to improve cost, efficiency and convenience ...

06 May 2008
Online Banking
Stephen Wilson

Regulators chasing their tail over data security lapses

Reading between the lines, regulators will continue to take a big stick to institutions that leak personal data. And so they should. But there must be a more artful approach to stem the flood of s

28 Apr 2008

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