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Roy McPherson

Peseta comeback?

I love the story in today’s Telegraph explaining that the people of Mugardos in North West Spain are encouraging people to find and spend the defunct peseta in local shops. More than 60 shops on the G...

08 Mar 2011
Roy McPherson

Vince Cable; Moron or visionary?

Yet again Vince Cable stands atop his economists soap box and tells the City that radical changes are needed to stop banks making "excessive profits and paying big bonuses". I've always

14 Feb 2011
Roy McPherson


This is not one of our usual commercial discussions but in times of need you use the weapons to hand. Hugh's Fish Fight - Half of all fish caught in the North Sea is thrown back overboard dead www.fis...

19 Jan 2011
Roy McPherson

Europe - Does it get worse?

This story just will not go away, Portugal, Greece, Ireland - a throw of the dice and millions more pumped into a black hole whilst our fine friends in Brussels are in denial and want to increase thei...

16 Nov 2010
Roy McPherson

Makes my blood boil

Whilst reading my regular daily newspaper I read some articles that made my blood boil, I could feel the blood pressure rising as I gnashed my teeth. Carlisle Castle is 900 years old, give or take a y...

24 Aug 2010
Roy McPherson

Hand over your money....

Very funny, you have to admire their cheek. Do you think after the 4th visit he asked for a freebie?

13 Aug 2010
Roy McPherson


I’m very saddened to advise this community that Barry Holland passed away in hospital yesterday. We became good friends when he was the head of FX Ops at Barclays Capital and we shared more than a few...

05 Aug 2010
Roy McPherson

Cash and Liquidity Management obstacles.

In 2008 the great and the good of the banking world were attending SIBOS Vienna with no more thought than for any previous SIBOS or banking trade show. Even as delegates were checking into the confer

29 Jun 2010
Roy McPherson

Charlie Croker

Seeing this story of the ham fisted attempt by thiefs in Germany who blew up a bank to get at an ATM, which survived, made me think of John Shepherd-Barron, the ATM inventor who passed away last week....

26 May 2010
Roy McPherson

Profligate or duty bound?

This week, and for many weeks, George Osborne will be taking steps to rein in unnecessary expenditure, halt future white elephant projects and seek ways to reduce the Brown/Blair legacy of £157 bn pou...

24 May 2010
Roy McPherson

Greece; a slippery slope getting slippier

On the 6th May I blogged to say that I thought Greece could signal a bail out of the Euro and the more I read the more I think this will happe...

21 May 2010
Roy McPherson

Greece - A slippery slope?

Never mind 'beware Greeks bearing gifts' how about 'beware Greece setting off a chain reaction'? It's been the unthinkable but in the great land of WhatIf, what if Greece set off a chain of events to ...

06 May 2010