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Dmytro Spilka

Gold or Growth Stocks? The Inflation Hedge Dichotomy That's Splitting Investor Opinions

Gold has long been revered as an asset that’s at its strongest when global economies enter a difficult period, but is this really still the case? In the 21st Century, investors have seen a range of st...

22 Apr 2022
Dmytro Spilka

Banking on Tourism: Is it Finally Time to Reinvest in Travel Stocks?

Travel stocks have had a torrid time over recent years. The Covid-19 pandemic has led to widespread disruption across the industry on a global scale, leading to bankruptcies and government bailouts. A...

28 Mar 2022
Dmytro Spilka

Stock market volatility slows IPO momentum for 2022

We’re seeing a slowdown for initial public offerings at the beginning of 2022, indicating that a difficult year may lie ahead for the market. Due to fears over market volatility, many IPOs are beginn...

10 Mar 2022
Dmytro Spilka

Kicking Off 2022’s IPO Market: 3 Listings to Watch Out for This Year

The record-breaking IPO market of 2021 may be a tough act to follow, but with a series of blockbuster initial public offerings set to arrive in the coming months, we may see a strong follow-up in 202...

01 Mar 2022
Dmytro Spilka

Which Leading Tech Stock will ‘Win’ the Race for the Metaverse?

The metaverse is an emerging technology that’s forecast to become such a disruptive influence that tech giants are already scrambling to rebrand in a bid to navigate the sea of change. Still in its ve...

09 Feb 2022
Dmytro Spilka

Can we Expect the IPO Frenzy of 2021 to Continue into 2022?

2021 was a record-breaking year for global initial public offerings, but amidst cooling markets and rising inflation, can we expect the trend to continue to gather momentum in 2022? In the wake of t...

21 Jan 2022
Dmytro Spilka

Game Over for Meme Stocks as Analysts Predict Retail Sell offs

2021 was certainly the year of the meme stock. January of last year played host to one of the most memorable short squeezes in stock market history as a group of Reddit-based retail investors collabor...

06 Jan 2022
Dmytro Spilka

The 4 Trends that will Drive Edtech Following the Industry’s Pandemic-Driven Growth

When the Covid-19 pandemic emerged and schools were forced to shut for months on end, the online learning and edtech platforms that were steadily maturing over the course of the 2010s suddenly became ...

03 Jan 2022
Dmytro Spilka

Could Nubank Deliver More Than a $50b Valuation When it Comes to Serving Latin America’s Unbanked?

As Brazilian fintech Nubank readies itself for one of the largest IPOs of 2021, the implications of the technology on Latin America’s unbanked communities can’t be overstated. Data suggests that for ...

06 Dec 2021
Dmytro Spilka

The Blueprint for Sustainability: What Makes an ESG Stock and why are the Criteria so Controversial?

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) stocks are the subject of widespread investor interest and are likely to be a favoured choice among retail investors for many years to come. However, it’s v...

22 Nov 2021
Dmytro Spilka

Is There a Place for Banks in a Fintech-Driven Future?

In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, widespread digital acceleration has catapulted fintech firms further into mainstream usage than ever before. As the highly advanced technological infrastructures ...

01 Nov 2021
Dmytro Spilka

Where Next for Robinhood: Could the Retail Investing Giant’s Stock Recover to its $70 Peak?

After one of the most heavily anticipated IPOs of 2021, Robinhood has endured a tumultuous introduction to public life. With the emergence of formidable competitors and regulatory scrutiny of the comp...

07 Oct 2021

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