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Sudhesh Giriyan

Outlook 2020: Digital trends that will shape the remittance industry

Developments in the digital space are changing the dynamics of the remittance market, driving it on a steady upward curve. According to the World Bank, in 2018, remittances to low- and middle-income c...

03 Feb 2020
Sudhesh Giriyan

The synergy between remittances and globalisation

An appropriate time to talk about remittances and their effect on globalisation is right now. According to industry reports remittances have almost overtaken Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) as the lar...

09 Dec 2019
Trends in Financial Services
Sudhesh Giriyan

Collaboration: Central to building a well-connected MTO network

Collaboration is a very powerful mechanism for the success of all kinds of businesses, regardless of the industry they operate in. Making connections and forming mutually beneficial alliances is what ...

30 Oct 2019
Innovation in Financial Services
Sudhesh Giriyan

Remittance and migration trends within Africa

Africa has one of the world’s most mobile populations, and African nations account for a large and growing slice of the global remittance market. In 2018, the World Bank reported that remittances to ...

30 Sep 2019
Trends in Financial Services
Sudhesh Giriyan

Analysing the vital contribution of remittances to low and middle-income countries

The United Nations estimates that there are more than 258 million expats worldwide who send money to their home countries. These remittances support more than 800 million families, including those liv...

29 Aug 2019
Trends in Financial Services
Sudhesh Giriyan

How consumer behaviour shapes trends within the remittance industry

Customer experience is fundamental to the payments industry and when it comes to the remittance industry, most senders and receivers attach an emotional quotient to the transfer of funds. Unlike payme...

04 Aug 2019
Trends in Financial Services
Sudhesh Giriyan

A fresh insight into the value of remittances

Remittance flows have increased significantly in recent decades as more people have moved overseas for work and are sending money home to support their families. International money transfers are a li...

01 Jul 2019
Financial Inclusion
Sudhesh Giriyan

The development and impact of remittances in Asia

Overseas employment is a significant contributor to Asian economies and the well-being of workers’ families, who often depend on remittances to meet their basic needs. In 2017, Asia and Europe were th...

06 Jun 2019
Asia Financial Services
Sudhesh Giriyan

The importance of compliance in the remittance industry

It should be no surprise that financial services are among the most heavily regulated industries. Any business that involves the management and transfer of money, particularly across international bor...

02 May 2019
Sudhesh Giriyan

Future of finance technology in money transfers

The financial services industry has seen remarkable changes since the turn of the century. In common with most industries it has been transformed by the internet and digital technologies, which in thi...

27 Mar 2019
Sudhesh Giriyan

The role of remittances is inextricably linked to raising education levels across the globe

Education has long been seen as a key determinant of economic development and social progress. Adam Smith, the pioneer of political economy, recognised its value more than two centuries ago. In The We...

28 Feb 2019
Sudhesh Giriyan

New year; New outlook: Global remittances are expected to grow moderately in 2019

The remittance industry has consistently witnessed change. It is undergoing a paradigm shift from the traditional brick and mortar model of business to digitised methods of money transfer. Looking bac...

24 Jan 2019
Financial Inclusion