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Freddie McMahon

Digitised ESG enables broader and transparent corporate governance

Environment, Social and Governance metrics are here to stay. The ESG investment market has surpassed USD 30 trillion. Governance needs better ways to measure corporate behaviour. ESG metrics mea...

16 Oct 2020
Trends in Financial Services
Freddie McMahon

The emerging market to digitalise regulation is an USD 1,000 billion opportunity

Regulatory distribution is systemically broken The conventional way governments distribute rules for use by citizens, businesses, other private actors and for the institutions of government is through...

16 Jul 2020
Fintech innovation and startups
Freddie McMahon

The dangerous risk of interactions with regulation

Now is the time to challenge convention Our interactions with regulation play a ubiquitous and increasing role in the world economy. Individuals and organizations interact with regulation to ensure co...

28 May 2020
Financial Services Regulation
Freddie McMahon


INTRODUCTION Innovation is about changing the status quo in a way that adds value to stakeholders. To demonstrate adding value requires measurement. With this clear definition of innovation, lets app...

11 Nov 2019
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation
Freddie McMahon

Regulation Chatbots: Knowledge First, Data Second

Data is the enabler for any digital strategy. Organizations need timely and accurate data from human interactions. This is an imperative for sensing early and responding quickly to ever changing circu...

11 Jul 2019
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation
Freddie McMahon

When are we going to rethink how regulations are applied in practice?

By Regulation we mean national law and its extensions such as defined by Regulators and Standards, and the way its applied in practice through Policies and Procedures. The problem is compounded throug...

04 May 2019
Finextra site news
Freddie McMahon

Regulation Chatbots: The Machine versus Human Redline

The growing recognition of new value creation from using chatbots has amplified market hype, even though there are many genuine cases delivering benefits. This growing momentum has cultivated a populi...

09 Apr 2019
Innovation in Financial Services
Freddie McMahon

CHATBOTS: The digitalisation of knowledge through a new lens

79% of executives now believe seamless and digital access to knowledge is very important to overall business performance. Executives understand that there is too much dependency upon knowledge in peop...

22 Jan 2019
Digital Banking Trends
Freddie McMahon


Knowledge monologue is pervasive All over the world, employees, customers and citizens are expected to read, understand and action the knowledge found in so many documents: policies, regulations, st...

10 Nov 2018
Digital Banking Trends
Freddie McMahon

A Paradigm Shift in the Making

Conversation-as-a-Service is a business model involving a blended approach of people and chatbots delivering dialogue for personalised interaction and orchestrating services in context to the granular...

11 Oct 2018
Freddie McMahon

Conversation-as-a-Service: the big challenge and big opportunity of algorithmic knowledge

To combat the accelerating speed of change, there is a growing need for a step change that leads to more productive and smarter humans. The barrier to this transition is knowledge needed by humans, wh...

10 Sep 2018
Banking Regulations
Freddie McMahon

Conversation-as-a-Service: decision distortions and deceptions

The shift towards specialist chatbots has highlighted how organisations are vulnerable to decision distortions and deceptions, with the way their people work deep within the organisation. This vulne...

01 Sep 2018
Operational Risk Management