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Jonathan Westley

Unlocking the UK’s own Silicon Valley

Last month, the Chancellor set out his vision for prosperity in the UK, noting his ambition to turn the UK into “the world’s next Silicon Valley”. He celebrated the UK’s “world beating” fintech sector...

07 Feb 2023
Data Management 101
Jonathan Westley

Why aren’t more women considering a career working in data?

As the global economy has become increasingly digital, the importance of data related skills in commerce has grown. At Experian we employ thousands of data engineers, data scientists, data analysts, t...

23 Sep 2022
Women in Technology
Jonathan Westley

The skills gap: developing a workforce for the digital age

London Tech Week is back – the UK’s tech flagship event that brings together some of the brightest minds across the industry to discuss the positive role that data and technology can play in our globa...

13 Jun 2022
Data Management 101
Jonathan Westley

Credit visibility is the first step to achieving financial inclusivity

Risking exclusion from mainstream financial services because you have a limited financial track record might seem like a Catch-22 situation, but it’s a reality that millions are facing in the UK. In f...

21 Apr 2022
Financial Inclusion
Jonathan Westley

Unlocking the potential of data to transform our world

Prior to COVID-19, digitalisation was already widespread and gaining pace. Rapid developments in technology have been kickstarting innovation across all sorts of sectors for years. Just think, Tesla h...

17 Feb 2022
Big Data
Jonathan Westley

Open banking is key to improving people’s financial health

The launch of open banking in 2018 promised to forge a new way for financial services. It was a bold statement of intent, and the reality is that it was never going to be possible to get people excite...

17 May 2021
Open Banking
Jonathan Westley

How the right foundations can help the UK build a vibrant data economy

Covid-19 has caused so much disruption and completely changed the way we live, work and play. While in many ways it has pressed pause on our lives, in other ways the pandemic has initiated G-force ind...

15 Jan 2021
Data Management 101
Jonathan Westley

Consumer contributed data: a welcome boost for credit scores

We all love a subscription. Whether that’s bingeing on the latest box set available on Netflix or Prime, or enjoying a craft ale from your monthly beer box – the popularity of these services have grow...

11 Nov 2020
Personal Finance
Jonathan Westley

How new data sources can help pave the road to recovery

With the growth of e-commerce and streaming of everything from music to films, online subscription services have become increasingly popular. According to research published by Barclaycard, Britain ha...

08 Oct 2020
Big Data
Jonathan Westley

3 steps to help build an effective data literacy program

Current data trends are not only changing how organisations operate on a day-to-day basis, but they’re also affecting the kind of people who are most in demand. A new collection of skills and business...

15 Sep 2020
Data Management 101
Jonathan Westley

Data-driven innovation can help us avoid the mistakes of 2008

The long-term economic effect of the Covid-19 pandemic is still largely unknown, but it’s likely to make an impact like nothing we’ve seen since the Second World War. With a few nations emerging from ...

12 Jun 2020
Innovation in Financial Services
Jonathan Westley

Covid-19: protecting vulnerable consumers is a must

The past few weeks have served up a range of unprecedented challenges for everyone and we are all quite rightly focused on staying safe and healthy. But many people will also be concerned with their f...

02 Apr 2020
Financial Risk Management

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