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Jim Steven

How can businesses avoid data breach blind spots?

Data breaches require considerable time and resources to resolve. The damage can be extensive, from financial costs and operational downtime to untold reputational harm, while the shift to remote work...

06 Sep 2021
Data Management and Governance
Jim Steven

What partners do businesses need to prepare for a data breach?

The risk of a data breach is an ever-present challenge for businesses across the world. With more transactions between business and customer now carried out digitally than ever before, the currency of...

16 Jul 2021
Big Data
Jim Steven

How businesses should prepare for a data breach

The Covid-19 pandemic has forever changed the business landscape. From how customers now expect to interact with companies in a seamless, digital journey to how best to confirm the identity of both ne...

01 Jun 2021
Data Management and Governance
Jim Steven

How COVID-19 is evolving the data breach communication process

Covid-19 is at the forefront of business minds right now, with many tasking themselves with understanding, reacting to and learning lessons from this ever-changing situation. However, although busines...

07 May 2020
Information Security
Jim Steven

International data breach readiness: the importance of an effective plan

Delivering an excellent customer experience is what sets businesses apart from their competitors and is an essential service for every business. Thinking further afield, it is also important for glob...

08 Jan 2019
Jim Steven

Seven steps to minimise risk in the automotive industry

With the introduction of the GDPR regulation this year, automotive dealerships are amongst the many UK businesses that have been taking a long hard look at how they collect, store, and manage data. D...

31 Oct 2018
Jim Steven

Three things smaller, evolving companies should consider in the event of a data breach

With government figures showing that 9 out of 10 organisations suffered some form of a data breach last year, it's a near certainty that it will happen, no matter what the size of the organisation. Th...

14 Sep 2016
Jim Steven

10 critical steps to take in the first 24 hours of a data breach

The number of high profile data breaches that have hit the media headlines in recent years is certainly a wake-up call to organisations to be more prepared if it happens to them. But it's not just the...

11 Aug 2016
Jim Steven

Trading across borders: a revelation and a compliance challenge

Smaller businesses are not always front of mind when you think about companies proactively broadening their global footprint. The internet has brought rich opportunities for businesses of all sizes t...

30 Jun 2016