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Ian Stone

Financial services businesses are not prepared for tech disruption

Now, more than a decade on from the events of 2008, the finance industry is far from settled. It’s chaos at the speed of the digital era. In fact, the next five years are set to be just as dynamic as ...

28 Jan 2019
Ian Stone

Custom fit: getting the most out of your tech

The rate of innovation taking place today is enough to make any business feel permanently caught in a hamster wheel; trying to keep up with the latest trends to stay relevant. From small businesses to...

20 Sep 2018
Ian Stone

The connected future of fintech

Between 2010 and 2015, the financial services industry changed drastically. In just those five years, four of today’s most successful fintech companies were launched; namely Stripe, Revolut, Starling ...

03 Sep 2018
Ian Stone

Zero-based budgeting - a great idea, one step at a time

Zero-based budgeting (ZBB) is a cost management approach adopted by many businesses, especially in the consumer goods sector. It allows companies to reduce unnecessary costs, increase profits, and max...

02 Aug 2016
Ian Stone

How the CFO and finance can succeed on the frontline to complete a successful merger

2015 marked a new record for the number of mergers and acquisitions reported. According to Dealogic more than 38,000 were launched during the year. However, many of these, in reality, did not succeed....

04 Jul 2016
Ian Stone

Getting over the cloud hurdle in banking

Across industries, conversations around the use of cloud are commonplace. The benefits around lower costs, access from anywhere on any device and ease of implementation aren’t new. And yet, from talki...

15 Jun 2016
Ian Stone

Tomorrow's world: looking to 2016

The IT industry is at its best when it is unpredictable. The most innovative technologies are often the most unexpected and seem to come from the most inauspicious of beginnings. As the ever changing ...

21 Dec 2015
Ian Stone

Why the Customer is King in Strategic Planning

Companies are faced with a future that would appear to be both unknowable and uncontrollable. Some appear to have slipped into the false comfort that it is best not to make too many firm choices, and ...

26 Nov 2015
Ian Stone

Keeping the Tax Man Onside

As Margaret Mitchell exclaimed in the classic novel, Gone with the Wind: “Death, taxes and childbirth! There's never any convenient time for any of them.” And while I hope that most businesses would b...

04 Nov 2015
Ian Stone

Struggling to keep up with your workforce? You’re not alone!

In recent years, the financial services sector has seen significant change. A wave of mergers and acquisitions as well as new regulations and reporting structures have changed UK and European institut...

16 Sep 2015
Ian Stone

No Surprises: Making Life More Predictable for the CFO

Imagine, if you will, the following scene taking place during a regular board meeting: the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is ready to present her numbers, prepared in collaboration with her team. It’s ...

10 Jul 2015
Ian Stone

The Sales Challenge: What Can SPM Investment Offer Today’s Sales Force?

There is a very compelling argument that the sales team represents the engine room of any organisation. After all, what is more fundamental to a business than the ability to sell its product or serv

08 Jun 2015