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Gerard Hergenroeder

An opportunity to transform the credit card world

It has been awhile since I last posted a blog. I am sure everyone is thinkling about potential credit losses as a result of rising unemployment rates. In the U.S. it now over 15%. During the great mor...

08 May 2020
Futuristic Banking
Gerard Hergenroeder


Warren Buffet and his thoughts on Bitcoin -- "Speaking to CNBC anchor Becky Quick ahead of Berkshire Hathaway's annual meeting in Omaha, Nebraska on Saturday, the billionaire investor said bitcoi...

09 May 2018
Blockchain Observations
Gerard Hergenroeder

I predict Bitcoin will crash in 2018.

Bitcoin is a fraud, nothing more than a ponzi scheme. I do feel sorry for those people buying at today's prices. I remember studying the tulip crash in the 1600's. I predict Bitcoin will crash in 2018...

08 Dec 2017
Gerard Hergenroeder

The payments industry is in the throes of a perfect storm

The payments industry is in the throes of a perfect storm – the traditional payments business is at risk from excessive rising costs and disruption which calls for radical payments transformation (Con...

06 Apr 2017
Gerard Hergenroeder

The repeal of Dodd-Frank will create a flury of innovation in the U.S.

Dodd-Frank legislation created a heavy compliance burden for financial insititutions. Hundreds of billions of dollars have been spent on compliance and fines. Most banks' IT budgets today have a ton o...

11 Nov 2016
Gerard Hergenroeder

Top 10 Payments Predictions for 2016 -- What do think will happen in 2016?

Top 10 Payments Predictions for 2016 -- What do think will happen in 2016? By Gerard Hergenroeder – Thoughts expressed wherein may not necessarily be endorsed by his employer. # 1 Wallet Wars -- Cl...

11 Jan 2016
Gerard Hergenroeder

Blockchain technology will radically change banking

Introduction The payment business generates a lot of revenue globally, more than $1 trillion a year today, and it is expected to double in the next ten years. With that kind of current and future reve...

01 Sep 2015
Gerard Hergenroeder

Amazon makes deliveries in an hour but it takes days to settle payment debits and credits!

Is it time for the U.S. payments industry to make some bold moves? Faster Payments will be a reality in the U.S. sooner than what most believe. The last time the U.S. embarked upon a "major"...

01 Apr 2015
Gerard Hergenroeder


As a former banker the BBVA story struck a real nerve. It reminds me that there are bold thinkers in the market who have vision. And, more importantly they are willing to fund and execute the relevant...

17 Mar 2015
Gerard Hergenroeder

BASEL III compliance can create market opportunities

Let's take a second here and consider that many of compliance requirements could also: 1.) enable new product development that could drive value added services for their corporate clients, producing m...

26 Jun 2014

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