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Eric Smith

Everyone's a winner - The benefits of loyalty rewards

Companies across an array of industries, whether they be hospitality, retail or financial services, offer loyalty rewards to their consumers. When one thinks about loyalty schemes, the idea of retail ...

02 Sep 2013
Eric Smith

The death of cash - simply an urban myth?

As innovative payment technologies hit the market, like the PayPal 'check in' service that launched in London this month, it seems that coins and notes are becoming less important. As countries like S...

21 Aug 2013
Eric Smith

The extinction of ATM and POS?

I attended a course some months back about developing a mobile proposition. It was suggested that with the growth of mobile payments and banking, the importance of existing “older” channels would decl...

10 Jul 2013
Eric Smith

Are we losing the war on cash?

The latest news from the UK Payments Council, especially on the back of the recent study by Market Platform Dynamics shows that the use of cash is greater than ever, despite the plethora of electronic...

10 Jun 2013
Eric Smith

Blood in the Water - The Payments Feeding Frenzy

The world of payments has, of late, become like a sharks feeding frenzy. Blood in the water... well money. There are new announcements being made daily. New partnerships. New programme launches. New a...

25 Mar 2013
Eric Smith

Mobile Payments and Banking - The 'Real' Security Risk

Let me start by saying what wonderful things mobile payments and mobile banking are. You can’t deny the convenience of being able to bank, pay for goods and services, and perform P2P payments while “o...

18 Mar 2013
Eric Smith

Payments Evolution Becomes Revolution

Did you see the news item about the fossil discovery that they say is the “missing link” and “ancestor of all mammals”? A small shrew-like creature that became the whales, penguins, kangaroos and huma...

25 Feb 2013
Eric Smith

James Bond and Payments

With the latest instalment of James Bond; “Skyfall” out on DVD and Blu-Ray this week, I started thinking about how the world of payments is like the world of James Bond. Bond has to sort the good guys...

19 Feb 2013

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