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Nick Levy

Mind the gap between the customer and the platform

Customers? They’re more connected and empowered than ever. The result? Financial services providers need to focus on the creation of customer platforms that deliver a satisfying experience, as well as...

19 Mar 2014
Nick Levy

Twinkle twinkle API, why do you make the CIO cry?

Actually, it’s not an API, it’s the lack of one that can make the CIO cry. API (Application Programming Interface) refers to something quite technical and involves creating a technology capability whi...

17 Dec 2013
Nick Levy

Customer alert - are banks listening to their customers?

In every customer communication there’s one simple message: “I - the customer - have something to say.” But is anyone listening? It's as simple as ABC. A is for ANYTIME and ANY WAY. Banking custome...

03 Dec 2013
Nick Levy

Will video replace the telephone in banking?

With the growing adoption of smart phones, iPads and video-enabled devices, banks now have the ability to implement new channels, including video, for connecting with their customers. And, with the de...

05 Nov 2013
Nick Levy

Welcome to the digital and mobile banking revolution

As the telecom world announced major steps forward with the availability of 4G last month, the banking world is also set for change with mobile likely to overtake the desktop as the primary online mec...

05 Dec 2012