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Leslie Spiro

Mama is Open - why should clients care ?

Simply put - it represents a real chance to have a single market data abstraction that clients can commit to, resulting in significant benefits arising from code reuse, reduced support and better tool...

27 Jun 2012
Leslie Spiro

How important is the source in Open Source

In recent years, there’s been a distinct shift towards the use of open technologies in the financial markets, especially when it comes to market data projects. Indeed, the benefits of using open techn...

19 Jun 2012
Leslie Spiro

What OpenMama is.

The latest release of OpenMama represents a big step towards open sourcing the MAMA (Middleware Agnostic Messaging API) functionality promised by Nyse Technologies in their initial launch. Back in No...

12 Jun 2012
Leslie Spiro

What OpenMama is NOT

Talking to people, there is still confusion about what OpenMama is. There are good descriptions of the OpenMama release at the Web Site, but for those with experience of the Nyse/Wombat products, it c...

10 Jun 2012
Leslie Spiro

Open Source - what can Reuters do ?

The EU are pushing Reuters on opening access to their RIC codes, with open access one option, it will be interesting to see how this pans out. It raises a much bigger question though; will Reuters try...

10 May 2012
Leslie Spiro

Give the Exchanges a break - someone needs to pay tax

Interesting to read Tim Cave's article at Financial News on trader's outcry over exchange fees. At the risk of alienating my IB and Hedge Fund clients, I think someone needs to standup for the exchan...

12 Apr 2012