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James Tomaney

Why Technology Will Drive Competitive Advantage in the Payments Industry

Recently, I have seen a growing number of decision makers in financial institutions taking a different approach to technology. This is because they have realised that many of the systems they relied o...

14 Sep 2021
Innovation in Financial Services
James Tomaney

Low Code Techniques And Open APIs Can Unlock Payments Processing

This week, I read an interesting paper from Newgen Software about the application of “low-code thinking” to their business process automation domain. The paper highlighted the critical need for speed ...

14 Jan 2021
Banking Architecture
James Tomaney

Payment Solution Architectures For The Post-Pandemic World

The surge in electronic transaction volumes in 2020 was driven by the switch to contactless card payments and the increase in e-commerce, triggered by the behavioural changes of consumers faced with t...

07 Jan 2021
The Payments Business
James Tomaney

Reliability, Scalability and Availability - The Architectural Pillars Of Payments Solutions

"In 2008 the hubris of the financial sector that we serve finally caught up with itself. Mountains of consumer debt that had been packaged, re-sold and deferred turned out to be unserviceable an...

14 Dec 2020
Banking Architecture
James Tomaney

Today’s Payments Solutions Market: A Personal Perspective

The payments industry is experiencing significant disruption because of rapid technological change, increasingly diverse consumer demands, and new entrants all competing for the consumer’s loyalties. ...

07 Dec 2020
Payments strategies 2015-2020-2030
James Tomaney

The State of Payments: July 2019

A week is a long time in politics – a saying that is increasingly true for payments too. We are now two weeks into July 2019, so a good point perhaps to reflect on the state of the industry. Payments ...

12 Jul 2019
Trends in Financial Services
James Tomaney

Innovation 2.0: ATMs in the 21st Century

Innovation is reshaping global financial services. From how they are consumed, to who offers them and how they’re structured, we live at a time when new ideas and new approaches to payments and digit

08 Jul 2019
Banking Architecture
James Tomaney

Cashless society and legacy technology; a perfect storm.

In response to the recently published article by The Guardian , “UK cash system ‘on the verge of collapse’, report finds” - a writeup of an independent report called the Access to Cash Review - it i...

13 Mar 2019
Banking Architecture
James Tomaney

Facts speak for themselves: a lack of innovation in financial services is failing society

As you may have read, recently published findings from consumer charity Which? have revealed consumers are not happy about the number of bank branch and ATM closures we’re seeing. Key findings show t...

10 Dec 2018
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation
James Tomaney

Payment outages don’t have to keep happening. Here’s why.

Over the last 12-months, several high-profile FinTechs and challenger banks have experienced multiple outages for cards processing, leading to reputational damage, anxious tweets, irritated customers...

31 Oct 2018
Fintech innovation and startups
James Tomaney


In 2008 the hubris of the financial sector that we serve finally caught up with itself. Mountains of consumer debt that had been packaged, re-sold and deferred turned out to be unserviceable and the ...

27 Feb 2018
Operational Risk Management
James Tomaney

The Future Of ATM Software?

I recently attended The Payments Knowledge Forum in London. This annual gathering of users, suppliers and consultants in the transaction switching business has a 30 year history. It started as EBUG ...

04 Dec 2015

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