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Lorena Duguid

How Patents Boost Your Supply Chain

Today's blog was written by our Head of Knowledge Management, Marios Georgiou. Securing patents for your inventions offers distinct advantages in both your supply chain and with customers. Patents ser...

19 Oct 2023
Business Knowledge for IT
Lorena Duguid

Patent defence - The $1m Fallacy

Last week, my colleague Marios penned an outstanding article in which he debunked the misconceptions surrounding software patenting. This week, I am addressing another misconception – the belief that ...

05 Oct 2023
Bigger than Technology
Lorena Duguid

The Myth around Software Patents

This week our Head of Knowledge, Marious Georgiou, unpacks one of the UK software industry's biggest myths: all software is excluded from patenting. It's commonly believed that your valuable softwar...

19 Sep 2023
Innovation in Financial Services
Lorena Duguid

If data is the new oil, why don’t software companies value it?

Many say data is usurping oil as this century's vital resource - but let's dig deeper than the cliché. In today's blog, Intanify's CEO, Dylan Dryden will show you an unexpected connection between soft...

06 Sep 2023
Fintech innovation and startups
Lorena Duguid

The Importance of Intangible Assets in Software Companies

Many of the assets that form the foundations of modern companies are overlooked, especially in the fast-paced world of software development. These assets are the keys to unlocking innovation and eff...

04 Sep 2023
Fintech innovation and startups

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