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Ilan Friedman

Beating the Supply Chain Challenge

In the 1960s, psychologist Walter Mischel performed a study around delayed gratification. He left preschool-age children in a room with one treat, offering them the choice of eating it immediately, o...

16 Dec 2022
The Payments Business
Ilan Friedman

If you want an efficient supply chain, don't mess with your suppliers

We all know the past few years have been challenging as far as supply chain goes, and it doesn't look like things will improve any time soon. According to McKinsey, global supply chains suffer from t...

20 Nov 2022
Ilan Friedman

A Better Way To Manage Contractor Invoices In The Software And IT Services Industry

Corporations that deliver software and IT services find themselves concerned with an ever-increasing demand for transformation and improved customer experience, growing requirements around cybersecuri...

26 Oct 2022
The Payments Business
Ilan Friedman

The Headache of Implementing a Source-to-Pay Automation Solution

There's a Simpler Way It's not your fault. Implementation was not supposed to take this long, nor was it supposed to cost this much. But what's worse – it didn't really get you the results you expec...

26 Aug 2022
Personal Finance
Ilan Friedman

Effective Supplier Management in Manufacturing

Industry Challenges Despite growing demand, manufacturing companies face significant and growing supply chain disruptions: labor shortages, container shortages, port congestion and backlog, logistical...

13 Aug 2022
Sustainable compliance
Ilan Friedman

The Effective Way for Healthcare Facilities to Manage Inventory Levels

Properly managing medical equipment inventory is essential to the effectiveness of hospitals and healthcare facilities, and to their ability to appropriately provision health services. The inventory m...

18 Jan 2022
Ilan Friedman

Moving from manual to automated supplier management in manufacturing

Manufacturing companies often face challenges associated with complex supply chain environments, which significantly impact the way they manage supplier relationships. Procurement in these settings i...

11 Jan 2022
Ilan Friedman

Winning The Competitive Battle By Looking Inward

The battle in which competing enterprises are continuously engaged requires them to look both outward, at such things as revenue growth, new revenue generation, increased market share or new market ga...

07 Jan 2022

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