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Delia Pedersoli

Going Green With Payments – How To Reduce Plastic Waste And Improve Customer Experience

Single-use plastic is out. The UK Government has mandated that by 1st October 2023, food and beverage businesses and manufacturers must no longer supply, sell or offer single-use plastic items in Engl...

07 Sep 2023
The Payments Business
Delia Pedersoli

How Retailers Can Prepare for the Next Wave of Alternative Payment Methods

It's been a difficult few months for the retail sector. The war in Ukraine, the transition to a post-Covid economy, and managing Brexit have created many challenges for retailers. Retail businesses ha...

24 May 2023
Delia Pedersoli

Fighting back against fraud: How the right Payment Service Provider can help

The UK has the highest level of credit card fraud in Europe, with over 134 card frauds per 1000 people and the average victim losing out to the tune of £8,833 according to think tank Social Market Fou...

31 Jan 2023
The Payments Business
Delia Pedersoli

The power of foresight: CX during turbulent times

Delivering a great customer experience is about both reacting to and anticipating your customers’ demands and requirements. In a survey by Salesforce, of over 15,600 consumers and business buyers glob...

17 Oct 2022
The Payments Business
Delia Pedersoli

The true story of Apple’s Tap to Pay

At the start of February, Apple decided to finally enter the payment processing space by officially announcing Tap to Pay - its new system for collecting electronic payments via an iPhone or iPad. Ini...

25 Mar 2022
Delia Pedersoli

Building a stronger economy with instant payments

The global pandemic continues to have a severe impact on many businesses. Since the first lockdown, nearly 200,000 jobs have been lost in the retail sector alone. There looks to be few signs that this...

16 Sep 2021
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