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Roy McPherson

6 Nations Rugby Competition

Come join my Six Nations prediction game on SportGuru! It's free and loads of fun. Just click here: Pool name: City People Pool code: gre...

24 Jan 2012
Roy McPherson

Auld Lang Syne

The English/Scottish affair goes back many a year to the extent that the wood is completely obscured by the trees. As a descendent of a Scottish Royal Marine I declare my hand as a lover of the land a...

13 Jan 2012
Roy McPherson

What have the Romans done for us?

Well there's the aqueduct, sanitation, roads, irrigation, medicine, education, and the wine. But also the current Italy has corruption, bureaucracy, low productivity, 3rd rate education system. When t...

10 Nov 2011
Roy McPherson

The Emperors New Clothes

On the 17th Oct the BBC ran a programe called 'RBS; Inside the bank that ran out of money'. I downloaded the prog from the BBC I player and watched a very good and insightful documentary on a classic...

19 Oct 2011
Roy McPherson

Would back office systems cope?

When we were at Sibos we enjoyed a team dinner in a local restaurant. As the topics of the day were mulled over somewhere up popped a contentious question "If the Greeks default, and Greece dis...

05 Oct 2011
SWIFT Matters
Roy McPherson

Risk, what risk.

Having not long come back from visiting one of the Greek Islands I declare my hand as a fan of Greece, or at least its Islands. It pains me to see the problems its going through but you can’t help b

22 Aug 2011
Roy McPherson

An unfolding Greek tragedy.

The newspapers are full of photos of unseemly fighting and general unruly behaviour; If it’s not the Canadian hockey fans, it’s Ascot and if its not there then its Greece. I feel saddened when I see t...

17 Jun 2011
Roy McPherson

Lord blah blah

Lord Hanningfiled, or Paul White to give him his birth name, has been convicted of fiddling his expenses to the tune of £14,000. What I find incredulous is how all of these lords and MP's are in compl...

27 May 2011
Roy McPherson

Aren't I the lucky one?

Funny what you find in your spam mail, this weeks mail has broadened my horizons to include penis enlargement treatment, a link to a young lady of dubious morals and, wait for the drum roll, a lady of...

20 May 2011
SWIFT Matters
Roy McPherson

Dirty Data

No not the title of a chapter in a John Le Carre book, nor an invitation to spice up my pc. But in a recent survey looking at impediments to accurate counterparty risk measurement (and management) the...

04 May 2011
Roy McPherson

Do not forsake me o my Darling

The Portuguese Government have turned down the austerity measures proposed by their Prime Minister signor Jose Socrates and as a consequence he's been forced to resign. This is more than a glitch on t...

25 Mar 2011
Roy McPherson

Charity begins at home?

I think this is a superb piece of lateral thinking by Wells Fargo and considering they've had the functionality in place since 2005 is quite impressive. Perhaps if a big UK clearing bank rolled out th...

24 Mar 2011