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Tamas Kadar

Stopping fraud on crypto, FOREX and online trading platforms

The world of cryptocurrency, forex and online stock trading moves so quickly that by the time anything can be written about it the opposite will most likely be true. At time of writing, the price of c...

15 Jun 2021
Cryptocurrency Insights
Tamas Kadar

How are crypto and blockchain being utilised in the gaming sector?

Bitcoin went mainstream in the last four years, and with it, many online casinos began to accept cryptocurrencies. The key advantage of blockchain technology being used in the online betting, gambling...

22 Feb 2021
Tamas Kadar

Learnings from a CEO: adapting to life in Covid

Everyday, business leaders face challenges, ranging from the photocopier running out of ink or paper at the most inconvenient moment, to the latest development of a new piece of technology that outmod...

15 Feb 2021
Fintech innovation and startups
Tamas Kadar

Why we should avoid fraud shaming breach victims

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we have seen the rapid rise of phishing scams, ID theft and account takeover techniques, as fraud has increased alongside digital activity while consumers shop from t...

28 Aug 2020
Information Security
Tamas Kadar

Choosing the right fraud models during the COVID-19 outbreak

The Covid-19 outbreak has meant that industries across the board have had to adapt to different ways of operating while countries around the world are in lockdown. From a fraud perspective, companies ...

02 Jun 2020
Information Security

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