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Harbinder Kang

Supercharge your developers with agile and a DevOps platform

Staying competitive in the modern financial services landscape requires that organisations deliver products and services at pace and at scale. It’s the focus of many digital transformation initiatives...

06 Aug 2021
Harbinder Kang

The role of site reliability engineering for DevOps

As more and more firms turn to the cloud to push out services across the globe, there is an increasing focus on the tools, technologies, and practices that facilitate the process. Systems must increas...

14 Apr 2020
Harbinder Kang

Four DevOps Trends for 2020

Last year, I put together a few thoughts on what I saw as the emerging DevOps trends for 2019. As we enter a new year and decade, I thought it might be useful to do the same for 2020. A common theme ...

29 Jan 2020
Innovation in Financial Services
Harbinder Kang

How to shift left: Four tips to change team culture

As the “shift-left” mindset begins to take hold, it is important to remember that embedding key technical practices earlier in the delivery pipeline will only deliver value if all teams are prepared a...

06 Aug 2019
Business Knowledge for IT
Harbinder Kang

Five DevOps trends for 2019

DevOps as an approach to software development has become widely established over the last nine years. Bringing the development and IT operations functions together has brought many benefits in the for...

12 Dec 2018
Banking Architecture