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Santhy Sreedhar

Blockchain Promise for Microfinance

Blockchain technology has proved its disruptive potential beyond cryptocurrencies and is finding its applications across industries. Multiple use cases are available in the financial sector which leve...

01 Oct 2021
Santhy Sreedhar

Containerized Applications on Cloud, Is it Cloud 9 moment for Banks?

Cloud based technologies have been revolutionizing the ways in which enterprise applications are deployed. Along with Continuous Integration/Continuous development methodology which goes by the name o...

31 Mar 2021
Santhy Sreedhar

India Stack: Breaking the barriers for full digitization

Francis Fukuyama, the American political scientist in his famous book, ‘The End of History and the Last Man’ predicted that, with the demise of Soviet Union in 1991, liberal, open democracy and its as...

16 Aug 2020
Santhy Sreedhar

Covid 19 - Changing strategies for Banks

Ever since Banks started with computerization and moved away from manual records handling to banking software for processing of transactions, constant efforts are being made to 'debug' the software bu...

17 May 2020
Santhy Sreedhar

Key strategies for effective digitalization in Banks

Digitalization is a broad term that connotes the use of electronic means and ways to conduct banking. It encompasses products and services that bank customers can typically access using their mobile d...

08 Oct 2018
Santhy Sreedhar

How smart Banking has to be, when the technology is driving the world smarter

What is common to smart cities, smart cars and smart homes is that the previously "dumb" paradigms that characterized their structure, functions, and human interface have now been replaced b...

03 Oct 2018

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