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Retired Member

OTC clearing: show me the money

As a result of OTC clearing reform – Dodd-Frank, EMIR – the cost of OTC deals is clearly going to rise, and spreads and volumes are going to fall. Who can make money in a market like that? With the co...

19 Dec 2011
Enrico Camerinelli

Transaction Banking: No Need to Reinvent the Wheel

"What’s past is prologue" wrote Shakespeare in “The Tempest”. The phrase means that history repeats itself and continually influences the present. Nothing can be truer if we consider what fi...

02 Dec 2011
Transaction Banking
Patricia Hines

Upgrading Your TMS? Five Connectivity Questions to Consider

Are you in the process of upgrading your Treasury Management System (TMS)? So are many other Global 1000 organizations. Dozens of multi-national corporations each year embark on treasury transformatio...

26 Nov 2011
Transaction Banking
Retired Member

The Payments Hubbub

There has been much debate and discussion about what banks actually mean when they speak of a ‘payments hub’ and how that might be implemented. What is often overlooked is that the concept of a paymen...

24 Nov 2011
Retired Member

The compliance tide turns for no man

Anybody that has lived by the sea understands the tide is something that is well documented and inevitable. You account for it and plan for it, there is no hiding from the fact. In the same way mobile...

14 Nov 2011
Gary Wright

What's the point of MTFs?

When MiFID was written one of its objectives was to create increased competition to the Stock Exchanges. The view being that the Stock Exchanges were operating in what looked like a monopoly and with ...

07 Nov 2011
Post-Trade Forum
Retired Member

Regulations: heads, you win; tails, I lose.

The proposals to update the Mifid directive governing European financial markets is just the latest in a slew of regulatory initiatives to hit the financial services market. The increase in regulatory...

03 Nov 2011
Retired Member

Commodity reporting confusion; which way will regulators go?

The rulemaking under Dodd-Frank and EMIR is a dry dust place, but things are starting to get a bit more real and a bit more interesting... Back in 2008, G20 specified that OTC derivatives contracts sh...

31 Oct 2011
Olivier Berthier

All praise the ICC Trade Finance Register

Just came back from the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Banking Commission meetings in Beijing. It was a great conference with excellent content and debates, from the rules making activities t...

28 Oct 2011
Financial Supply Chain
Enrico Camerinelli

Another example of physical and financial chains meeting

The banking industry has become a buyer's market, where corporate treasurers carefully select their bank relationship partners and demand more added-value services. Should banks stay on separate produ...

25 Oct 2011
Financial Supply Chain
Retired Member

Comply, Protect or Grow?

Talking with a client recently they gave me an interesting perspective on the new OTC derivatives regulations that will be hitting the markets. Their question was – comply, protect or grow? Dodd-Fra...

19 Oct 2011
Enrico Camerinelli

Sales and Operations Planning for Cash Forecasting

Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) is a very well known practice in the physical supply chain. There are many reasons why I believe it could become an excellent paradigm to improve cash forecast...

18 Oct 2011
Treasury Management