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Elizabeth Lumley

2010 - Consensus? We don't need no stinking consensus...

So, does anyone think 2010 was a really weird year? It didn't have the 'OMG! Western Capitalism is dead!' drama of 2008, nor the limping, walking wounded vibe of 2009. Hey, 2010 even saw the return of...

17 Dec 2010
Bo Harald

Blame it on the banks 2

Translating part of a Facebook note by Liisa Jaakonsaari (MEP - Finnish Social Democrat): "The crisis in Europe is not because of EU or the Euro. Rather it can be said that EU and the euro are in...

08 Dec 2010
Bo Harald

Blame it on the banks 1

In the late 80s there was a big growth boom in Finland - fuelled ao by ending tax break on profits on selling enterprises and strong credit expansion when the savings banks (inexperienced corporate le...

07 Dec 2010
Barry Kislingbury

Payment Services Hub - buzz word or something real?

The term ‘Payment Services Hub’ (PSH) has become the latest and greatest buzz word in the payments industry, and promises a new and innovative alternative to the traditional ‘payment engine’. This is...

03 Dec 2010
Payments strategies 2015-2020-2030
Retired Member

Financial Recovery or Storm Clouds on the Horizon

Since the financial world reeled in shock at that collapse of Lehman Brothers and the subsequent fallout in the World’s financial markets the banking community has been in a mode of self preservation....

01 Dec 2010
Innovation in Financial Services
Rajeev Nair

Payments Integration - Qualifier for cross-lane traffic

“Payments Rails" across the world were created on need basis, so specifically not considering the existing / proposed rails in parallel payment business and market. This was rational till a point...

22 Nov 2010
Innovation in Financial Services
Retired Member

A post-Sibos perspective on SEPA

Against all the odds, SEPA remained an active topic of discussion at Sibos in Amsterdam, with a degree of clarity about the specific issues of migration not usual in the SEPA debates of late. At least...

12 Nov 2010
Elizabeth Lumley

You just don't get it, do you? Is groupthink innovative?

First off, let me just say I am not slagging off the Innotribe sessions at this year's Sibos. I love innovation. Whether it's the next hot thing or the next hot air - innovative ideas and technology g...

05 Nov 2010
Finance 2.0
Brett King

The Prototype Bank

Getting to the bank of tomorrow seems daunting. For banks that are entrenched in physical elements such as branch distribution networks, long-held conventions around paper-led compliance procedures, e...

03 Nov 2010
Retired Member

Social Media is NOT just another Media Channel

I’ve just attended the Sibos Webcast on social media, with the hope to listen some breaking announcement on the utilization of Social Media in the Banking industry. The discussion was a sort of déjà

27 Oct 2010
Innovation in Financial Services
Retired Member

How Banks navigate thru the social Terra Incognita

Altogether, it’s probably good news, one just wonder about the way HSBC is measuring the ROI of its Facebook campaign, which totally amounted 120,000 £, distributed among the 8 young awarded students

22 Oct 2010
Innovation in Financial Services
Retired Member

Sibos 2010: regulation

The global financial industry is only days away from Sibos and at ACI we’re ready to go. The stand is arranged, the meetings have been set up and the events have been planned. We’ve also been giving

21 Oct 2010