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Elton Cane

World Bank bans Satyam for 8 years over lax ethics, security

Fox News has been dogged in its pursuit of scandals going on at the World Bank, including the hacking cases we wrote about in October. To add to Satyam's recent woes, they have now confirmed that Sat...

23 Dec 2008
Information Security
Paul Penrose

Bernie Madoff's take on over-regulation on Wall Street

Some choice quotes from squeaky-clean Bernie Madoff on the trials of doing business in the modern financial system. "Whenever I go down to Washington and meet with the SEC and complain to them th...

18 Dec 2008
Video extravaganza
Elton Cane

Linking investment bank remuneration to risk assumption.

Earlier this week The Guardian had an interesting piece on the bonus culture at investment banks. The Financial Services Authority has written to the chief executives of major firms to urge them to r...

12 Dec 2008
Innovation in Financial Services
Paul Penrose

Stat of the year: That ABN Amro valuation revisited

A variation on this stat has been doing the rounds for a few weeks now, so forgive me if you've seen it before. I picked this up from the aptly-named Doomsday Report blog. In October last year, RBS p...

10 Dec 2008
Finextra50 fintech index
Olivier Berthier

Trade Finance sneaking back into the limelight

... as a saviour or a culprit? For years, trade finance has quietly gone about its own business providing the essential oil that keeps the cogs of commerce turning. It was never a dinner party topic a...

10 Dec 2008
Financial Supply Chain
Paul Penrose

John Thain: The dumbest act on Wall Street

Merrill Lynch CEO John Thain has a reputation as the smartest guy on Wall Street. But his request to the bank's board for a $5-$10 million bonus for rescuing Merrill Lynch from a fate worse than Lehm...

09 Dec 2008
Paul Penrose

Beat the crunch this Christmas: Eat peanuts, drink beer

The Finextra news desk is groaning under the weight of Christmas-themed press releases, as companies desperately try to generate some extra seasonal income during the economic crisis. One of the more ...

02 Dec 2008
John Cant

The multi-faceted impact of Lehman

The demise and subsequent break up of Lehman Brothers will provide strong case study material for many MBA courses, for many years. There are several lessons to be learnt beyond the crucial role of cu...

30 Nov 2008
Elton Cane

MiFID created no extra demand for IT or services

At least that's the view of Knowledge Technology Solutions (KTS) CEO Andrew Miller. KTS is soon to adopt the brand of its Sep. '07 acquisition, Arcontech, after closing its original market terminal su...

28 Nov 2008
Retired Member

It's Not Easy Being Green--Just Ask Kermit

“It’s not easy being green.” When this tune started floating around my head for this post, I thought Kermit the Frog had first sung these words about twenty years ago. Imagine my surprise when I che...

24 Nov 2008
Elton Cane

Will government backers stifle innovation?

Will state involvement in bank ownership stifle innovation at those groups that have taken bail-out money? As banks step back from serving the low end of the economy, which is perceived as too risky, ...

19 Nov 2008
Innovation in Financial Services
Paul Penrose

Lehman's IT legacy

Lehman Brothers ran its operations through a worldwide network of 26,666 servers and employed an IT department comprising some 6000 staff. This technological legacy has created some interesting operat...

19 Nov 2008