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Retired Member

When non performing loans become special

Banks are in the business of taking risks. Lending inherently carries the risk of default. No wonder, a corporate customer’s credit risk is a function of its probability of default. Lower the default ...

27 Sep 2013
Enrico Camerinelli

Actuarial Tables for Supply Chain Finance

To clarify the reason of this rather naive post, banks are not lending to small companies because the risk perceived is too high. However, the way banks assess risk is mainly based on financial data a...

26 Sep 2013
Financial Supply Chain
Amit Agrawal

Regulatory Reporting : Waterfall or Agile

We all know that we will lot of new regulations coming today and tomorrow. Thus that means financial institutions even need to generate so many new reports also. Thus I feel it will good topic to disc...

19 Sep 2013
Financial Services Regulation
Enrico Camerinelli

Why are Physical and Financial Supply Chains out of Sync?

I am sharing a summary of a recent lively debate on supply chains conducted on the ‘Supply Chain on SWIFT’ LinkedIn Group. The initial question raised on this online forum was why the physical supply...

16 Sep 2013
Financial Supply Chain
Retired Member

Cash pooling in China. Internationalization of the Renminbi

Liquidity management is essential to any multinational organization's financial framework. As the role of the corporate treasurer becomes increasingly strategic, they are paying more attention than ev...

30 Aug 2013
Retired Member

Emerging Trends in Commercial Banking-Part1

Emerging trends-Impact on banks & what they are doing Currently, the main focus across banks is on innovative use of technology and in the below three streams: 1. Products, services and markets ...

19 Aug 2013
Transaction Banking
Retired Member

Virtual Accounts. The panacea for Accounts Receivables!

The global financial crisis has made companies look at the area of liquidity management more closely. Companies are keen on having more operationally efficient accounts receivable (AR) processes. The ...

09 Aug 2013
Enrico Camerinelli

Banks and Supply Chain Finance: Something's Changed

I recently came across two announcements I believe deserve a comment. I wish to thank my colleague Nancy Atkinson for her precious contribution. Background news Metro Bank acquires SME Invoice Finance...

08 Aug 2013
Financial Supply Chain
Patricia Hines

International Expansion: Overcoming Geographic Differences

I recently published a blog post titled “International Expansion in Financial Services” discussing how banks are supporting the needs of multi-national companies through expansion into new geographie...

07 Aug 2013
Transaction Banking
Retired Member

The boy is back in town!!

Well I may not have posted for such a long time but I have been receiving my Finextra every day and reading them. One of the good things about being ill is that it gives you time to read and reflect a...

05 Aug 2013
Marc Murphy

Future-proofing beyond FATCA with bulk auto-classification

There’s little doubt that the six-month FATCA compliance delay is a welcome reprieve for foreign financial institutions (FFIs) across the world. It comes at a time when FFIs were beginning to feel ove...

23 Jul 2013
Financial Services Regulation
Ketharaman Swaminathan

Will High NIM Propel Indian Banks Into FORTUNE 500?

The fragmented state of the banking industry and, arguably, the relatively conservative policies of the Indian banking regulator Reserve Bank of India, have kept the assets of Indian banks somewhat su...

22 Jul 2013