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Andy Boniface

Benefits of a modern tech stack in the wealth management industry

The last year has been a time of great uncertainty for all of us. For wealth managers, the pandemic intensified existing pressures facing the industry through shifting customer expectations, growing c...

10 May 2021
Lucy Heavens

My Prognosis for Remote Working in Wealth Management

The ship has sailed. Remote working will remain, post-Covid, even in wealth and asset management. The debate now centres around the balance between remote and office working, and the long term effects...

21 Apr 2021
Capital Markets Technology
James Wooster

Weighing your options: Desktop Integration Platforms in Use

In the prior two blogs of this series, we had introduced the fragmented desktop, and outlined the advantages of using a Desktop Integration Platform (DIP) to solve the problem. In this blog, we look...

15 Apr 2021
Capital Markets Technology
Joris Lochy

The idea of a collaborative investment fund

With interest rates close to 0, people are forced to invest their money to avoid losing buying power (as inflation is considerably higher than the typical interest rate on a saving account or term dep...

15 Apr 2021
Fintech innovation and startups
James Wooster

Unifying the Desktop

In our prior blog, we had introduced desktop fragmentation, the problems posed by it, and how a Desktop Integration Platform (DIP) can solve them. In this blog we delve further into the architecture ...

13 Apr 2021
Capital Markets Technology
Adriana P

NFT: I can own the internet now.

NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are not such a new concept as you would think - true blockchain enthusiasts will know that the first NFTs ever created were not in 2017 with the CryptoKitties on the Ethereu...

09 Apr 2021
James Wooster

The Fragmented Desktop

Regardless of whether you are a trader or a portfolio manager, the user journey in Financial Services is, to date, a tale of disparate technologies, inconsistent ergonomics, and poorly optimized workf...

08 Apr 2021
Innovation in Financial Services
Lucy Heavens

Hyper-Personalise Communications to Nurture Deeper, More Satisfying Client Relationships

Wealth managers must master hyper-personalisation in order to retain revenues during the great wealth transfer. For wealth managers striving to achieve competitive advantage, the depth of client rela...

23 Mar 2021
Capital Markets Technology
Thomas Pintelon

4 ways to improve financial fitness

Despite significant efforts by schools and media to give more attention to financial skills, the level of financial literacy in the general population remains low. Basic financial budget management ap...

17 Mar 2021
Financial Risk Management
Alan Blanchard

Cross-border banking in the digital age

The legal and reputational risks associated with providing cross-border financial services have risen sharply in recent years. Current national lockdowns and travel restrictions, alongside major regul...

04 Mar 2021
Financial Services Regulation
Tushar Chitra

Fix the Abandonment Quandary in Digital Onboarding

Successful digital onboarding is not just about enabling a customer to sign up for an account through a mobile phone in 5 minutes. What if the customer is forced into a cumbersome verification process...

03 Mar 2021
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation
Caroline Tonkin

When it comes to offshore call centres, what price is a happy customer? How can AI help?

The offshore explosion The nineties saw an explosion in the deployment of offshore service centres, the most popular destinations being China, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and Brazil. The

22 Feb 2021
Artificial Intelligence and Financial Services