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Dominic Snell

Assessing AI Readiness in Wealth Management

The drive to digitisation of the wealth industry is well and truly underway. Sticking to the status quo of the traditional practices is no longer an option, and many institutions have succeeded in eff...

11 Dec 2020
Artificial Intelligence and Financial Services
Anton Lashuk

6 Free Tips on How to Improve Consumer Experience in Debt Collections

Even if a consumer fails to pay their debt, you shouldn’t stop serving them. Now, more Americans than ever have debts, as the statistics shows, which should not be a surprise whatsoever; in these chal...

07 Dec 2020
Personal Finance
George Still

Digital transformation in investment management: Adapt or adopt?

Digital transformation - two words that, depending on your nature, may terrify or delight you. Yes, it's a significant undertaking and usually requires high upfront budget and effort. However, dependi...

03 Dec 2020
Kamal Misra

Recalibrating wealth management through 4 Ps - products, platforms, participants, principles

2020 has been a year fraught with a wild goose chase for fiscal sanity. As the global economy grapples with a massive instability owing to the Covid 19 pandemic, the Financial Services (FS) sector, in...

18 Nov 2020
Trends in Financial Services
Daniel Fasnacht

Frugal banking - an opportunity to create customer value in the future?

Investments that are necessary to innovate and serve customers are no longer sustainable while COVID-19 hastens the need to exploit the potential of digital innovations. Serving customers accurately d...

06 Nov 2020
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation
Anton Lashuk

Collecting Debts from Millennials: Hurdles are Easy to Overcome

Debt issues that arose among millennials largely due to the economic crisis of 2008, have been even worsened during the pandemic. According to the financial report by TranUnion, in Canada, for exampl...

03 Nov 2020
Bond Fintech
Joris Lochy

Succession management - Empathy and excellent service are imperative

Regrettably almost all of us have to deal at one point in time with the passing away of a loved one and the associated financial administration to handle the succession. Obviously this is an emotional...

02 Nov 2020
Digital Banking Trends
Alberto Macciani

Teaching Kids to be Financially Savvy in a COVID World and the Digital Future

The COVID-19 pandemic upended economies and communities worldwide, and unfortunately, the financial implications stemming from the outbreak are expected to last for years as unemployment numbers rise ...

02 Nov 2020
Financial Literacy for Kids
Thomas Pintelon

Investing - A spectrum of choices

In our last blog we introduced a number of ways how banks can activate the ever increasing amounts of saving deposits, by turning them into investments. However once customers have taken the decision ...

02 Nov 2020
Innovation in Financial Services
Retired Member

Where have all the Robos gone?

Four years ago, and continuing until very recently, robo advisory was all the rage. It was impossible to go to any wealth conference without at least one of the speakers expounding the virtues of the ...

27 Oct 2020
Thomas Pintelon

Some novel ways to activate savings and fight economic recessions

With skyrocketing savings all over the world, an economic crisis is difficult to avoid as consumption drops and investments are generally postponed. While at first sight these unused savings seem to b...

14 Oct 2020
Personal Finance
Retired Member

The New Customer Relationship in Wealth Management

I am of a generation who can remember the time before you could take your smart phone from your pocket, access an app and immediately see your bank account balances, make a payment or access

14 Oct 2020
Innovation in Financial Services