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Domile And

Impact Investing - Friend or Foe?

Climate change, environment, pollution - all seem to be catch phrases now more than ever. Abbreviations such as SDG or the ESG gap are all over the internet and news. Even Davos, the world economic fo...

07 Feb 2020
Innovation in Financial Services
Henry Iversen

Conversational AI and the future of financial advice

Co-authored with Ramtin Matin, Lead Technological Strategist, SpareBank 1 SR-Bank Artificial intelligence is one of the key components behind the digital revoluti

29 Jan 2020
Artificial Intelligence and Financial Services
Kuldeep Shrimali

Wealth Management Solutions: Going the Digital Way

Financial firms are increasingly leveraging digital technologies such as artificial intelligence, cloud and intelligent automation to hyper-personalize wealth management offerings. Our numerous intera...

14 Jan 2020
Capital Markets Technology
William Rouse

Are Corporate Actions Being Treated Fairly?

The relationship between the financial markets and the investor is quietly, but fundamentally, changing. A series of regulatory changes has or will require clients to be treated fairly (TCF), ensure

14 Jan 2020
Retired Member

Top 3 trends that will influence Wealth Management in 2020.

Wealth management is transforming faster than most professionals realize because the industry’s customer base is changing. Three trends are driving a paradigm shift in wealth management that will bec

18 Dec 2019
Trends in Financial Services
Amrik Sanghera

Wealth Management Challenges in 2020: Client Retention in the Digital Age

There is a growing awareness in wealth management circles concerning the need for wealth managers and financial advisors to preserve the investment assets that they currently manage, as they are pass

15 Aug 2018
Millennial Banking