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Abhishek Chatterjee

SIBOS,2015 - An Inflection point for transaction banks and Fintech

This year's SIBOS hosted in Singapore was a wakeup call for all the transaction banker to focus on redefining value delivered to customer. An excellent keynote from Piyush Gupta, CEO DBS group stresse...

30 Dec 2015
Fintech innovation and startups
Andy Hirst

Reflections on Sibos 2015

In a word: Sibos. That major event on everyone’s calendar is done and dusted for another year. With Singapore still (relatively) fresh in our minds, I thought I’d sum up my key reflections. What topic...

03 Dec 2015
Neil Gray

Banking on Corporates for Business - Think Again!

Banks of every size are keen to win and retain Corporate customers – nothing new here. However, what is surprising to me is how many banks I think are missing a trick when it comes to realising oppor...

17 Nov 2015
Payments strategies 2015-2020-2030
Abhishant Pant

Emerging Trend in Prepaid Instruments: Corporate Cash Management

Traditionally banks have run Cash Management as proprietary business with little or negligible participation from other market players. It is one the biggest contributor of Current Account float and h...

29 Oct 2015
Innovation in Financial Services
Penny Hembrow

New research reveals why corporates are looking to change their banking relationships

Transaction banking has been a major driver of return on equity over the past five years, yet intense competition, changing corporate treasurer expectations and the impact of new regulations are imped...

27 Oct 2015
Neil Clarke

Central Banking Market Infrastructures move to ISO 20022

Real time gross settlement (RTGS) has now become the established mechanism by which country and sometimes regional payment infrastructures enable safe settlement of high value payments between ban

26 Oct 2015
Lyndsay  Po

In Asia, Branches Are Staying Put

News of branch closures seems to be inevitable as more and more people are turning to other channels for their banking activities resulting in less branch footfall. I've noticed that this type of news...

09 Oct 2015
Penny Hembrow

Global Bank Disruption and Potential Counter Strategies: Moving from 'Keep Up' to 'Step Up'

In the past year or two, the pace of change has accelerated rapidly in the transaction banking industry. Disruption to business models is not far behind what we see taking place in retail banking, as ...

09 Oct 2015
Abhishant Pant

Journey Towards Cashless Economy Part 3 Business

The objective of this 3 part series is to examine in brief the barriers and motivators for the key players in India’s (the author believes it has elements that can stand true for any economy that inte...

08 Oct 2015
Payments strategies 2015-2020-2030
Retired Member

Banking on The Internet of Things IoT

What’s the story? Most people today have at least heard the term “Internet of Things (IoT)” and have a hazy understanding of what it means. Internet of Things (IoT) includes anything and everything th...

06 Oct 2015
Kittredge Carswell

Transforming your global trade business for the future

Trade bankers know that, in a world running at Internet speed, standing still is not an option. The scope and scale of the changes they face is ever-changing, whether in terms of regulations, customer...

04 Oct 2015
Abhishant Pant

Journey Towards Cashless Economy Part 2 Consumer

The objective of this 3 part series is to examine in brief the barriers and motivators for the key players in a Journey towards a cashless society. In part 1 the role of retailer in this journey was s...

29 Sep 2015
Payments strategies 2015-2020-2030