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How to Take Full Advantage of Social Media for Your Startup

Social media is everywhere, and there’s a good reason for all the hype. It’s not just a convenient feature in our everyday lives, but a very useful tool for companies who want to gain extra exposure f...

02 Apr 2019
Damien Cabadi

Fintech startups: a modern Trojan horse story?

After several years of fruitless siege, Greeks hid their best warriors in a giant wooden horse and left Troy. The Trojans brought the statue in the city to celebrate their victory. But after a night o...

29 Mar 2019
Willem Lambrechts

The necessary -?- evil -?- called sales

Headline in Flemish financial newspaper "De Tijd" last Thursday : "Gents Teamleader neemt gas terug in buitenlandse expansie". Translated : Ghent-based Teamleader slows down intern...

20 Mar 2019
Fintech innovation and startups
Damien Cabadi

How to calculate the Customer Lifetime Value of an Asset Management client?

Some Fintech startups are betting on the growing Assets Under Management (AUM) of millennials. Among them, you will find robo-advisors, micro-saving applications and trading platforms for self-directe...

12 Mar 2019
Millennial Banking
Paul Dawson

Theranos, Lean Start Ups and How to Alienate Customers

Start ups are hard. When my mind prematurely wanders off to success I have to stop myself and focus on my product and service. I do know what my values are and what I hope to achieve and I am commi

07 Mar 2019
Fintech innovation and startups
Konstantin Rabin

Top Fintech startups from South Africa to look out for in 2019

Fintech has become a big deal in South Africa in the last couple of years. A large part of the African population is unbanked (They do no use the services of traditional banking systems). Because of t...

05 Mar 2019
Innovation in Financial Services
Chris Principe

WTF World’s Their Future

WTF – World’s Their Future Our World needs us to work for a better tomorrow Yes, I know, I usually write about technology and this title does not reflect that topic. But technology it is! Over the pas...

14 Feb 2019
Digital Banking, Mortgages and Savings
Stuart Jackson

What can four innovative fintech startups and their investors tell us about the future?

Fintech is a sector that thrives only through innovation. It’s in constant flux; changing and evolving all the time. While we can see spikes of activity and the general trajectory, it’s hard to predic...

11 Feb 2019
Trends in Financial Services
Nicky Tozer

The Inexorable Rise of the CFO

“You need to be more strategic”. It’s a phrase every CFO has heard. This idea of innovation, strategy and overcoming inertia has been on the boardroom table for decades, but it seems it may finally be...

01 Feb 2019
Matthew Dunn

The state of the nation’s business credit scores

Trying to expand any business takes investment, but with many smaller businesses often lacking sufficient cash, securing additional funds can be the solution your business needs to grow and become mor...

31 Jan 2019
Breana Patel

5 Ways Chief Risk Officers Must Pivot Their Role

In the midst of U.S. midterm election results, the public witnessed various instances of new leadership arising in a changing political climate. Just as politicians learn to pivot their stances to bes...

22 Jan 2019
Financial Risk Management
Retired Member

Supporting Fintechs in engaging with financial institutions

Towards the end of 2018, the British Standards Institution (BSI) published a set of guidelines, advising Fintechs how best to engage with financial institutions with the goal of delivering a successf...

17 Jan 2019