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Brett King

Why the Facebook of Banking won't own a charter

2014 was the biggest year in FinTech by far with billions being invested globally, which is to be expected in a global growth sector. But how much was invested globally in FinTech this year? It depend...

24 Dec 2014
Innovation in Financial Services
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Slush: The Nordic startup madhouse

If you are inclined to believe the closing party of Sibos is a little too heavy, too boozy and a bit silly, I implore you not to attend Slush. You might have a heart attack. Even considering the dru...

08 Dec 2014
Fintech innovation and startups
Toby Young

The year of fintech

The fintech industry is booming. Browse through the business pages in any national daily and you’ll likely hear about a fintech startup challenging convention or setting the pace with funding and inve...

08 Dec 2014
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Science Says Paper Beats PDF: Can APIs Beat Them Both?

Remember when your utility bills landed on your doormat instead of in your inbox? Remember when you payed for them with a cheque instead of direct bank transfer? It struck me recently how much paper h...

02 Dec 2014
Retired Member

2014: Disruption from the UK alternative finance market

Days might be getting colder and darker as we head into December, but the outlook for SMEs continues to remain bright and sunny. The UK alternative finance industry report from Nesta and the Universi...

01 Dec 2014
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Seven tips for being more productive

If you work in a big bank, broker, exchange or software vendor, you will recognize the relentless tsunami of email, phone calls, customer visits, conferences, project meetings, town halls and other &q...

24 Nov 2014
John Doyle

What Makes a Great Relationship Manager?

The Summary First, the summary for those that can't be bothered with the detail. A great relationship manager is someone who, Understands their customers business, Knows the customers strategy and wh...

23 Nov 2014
SWIFT Matters
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Five Ways to Turn Bank Branches into Competitive Powerhouses

There’s no shortage of startups in the financial services industry. Whether they’re online-only financial institutions or diversified financial services companies that are using the Web to expand into...

18 Nov 2014
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The romance of private equity: Liquity

“You know what people say to us? They say ‘you’re inventing a new asset class. You’re inventing liquid shares in private companies” Liquity, the London-based startup taking part in the Startupbootcamp...

11 Nov 2014
Future Finance
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Bringing quality back to the web: milliPay

“We hope to change the way content can be consumed – there is quality content on the web and we believe in it. It needs to be financed – and people must be willing to finance it.” Whether you like it ...

05 Nov 2014
Future Finance
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Breaking the cryptocurrency stigma: Epiphyte

"It's a sensitive space, people still associate it with criminality and dubious activities - like the internet in the early days" When Finextra wrote a story about Epiphyte winning the Innot...

28 Oct 2014
Future Finance
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Should SMEs be worried about Aldermore’s false start?

Last week’s Aldermore news left some SMEs in doubt of the future for challenger banks. The British banking newcomer cancelled its planned IPO, despite a valuation of £880m, citing a lack of interest a...

24 Oct 2014