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Pat Carroll

Dexter malware, targeting Christmas shoppers

The holiday season is a prime time for fraudsters to target consumers' credit cards and it's not surprising that Dexter has come to light a week before Christmas. Dexter is yet another malware variat...

20 Dec 2012
Information Security
Robert Siciliano

Lookout for These Nastygrams

Natural disaster scam: Sadly, scammers seem to come out of the woodwork during a natural disaster such as Hurricane Sandy to catch consumers when they’re in a panic, looking for answers, and when they...

19 Dec 2012
Robert Siciliano

How to Protect Your Personal Data: 3 Things You Must Know

There are two kinds of identity theft you must protect yourself from: New account fraud: Refers to financial identity theft in which the victim’s personal identifying information and good credit stand...

14 Dec 2012
Robert Siciliano

US Teens Are Up to No Good Online

Teens are spending more and more time online these days and while the Internet offers a variety of benefits it can also serve as a dangerous space –and not just in America. According to Exploring the ...

14 Dec 2012
Pat Carroll

Why has Eurograbber been able to do the damage it has?

Eurograbber, a Trojan that transfers itself from a user’s PC to their mobile phone has come to light, reportedly having so far defrauded banking customers out of over €36m. The simple reason for this ...

10 Dec 2012
Innovation in Financial Services
Robert Siciliano

10 Secure Online Holiday Shopping Tips

Holiday shopping is easy, convenient and it can be secure too. Here are 10 tips to a secure online shopping experience during the holiday season: Avoid spoofed websites. Common sense says any time you...

09 Dec 2012
Retired Member

Just how private is that conversation?

I’m not sure how practical it is for Lord McAlpine to sue 10,000 Twitter users, but it does serve as a very clear reminder that comments made over a public forum do have repercussions. Something many ...

06 Dec 2012
Social Banks
Robert Siciliano

The Upside of Electronic Health Records

In a world where a Twitter tweet can be heard around the world instantly, a friend’s video on YouTube can go viral overnight, and you can speak to anyone online across the globe without using a phone,...

03 Dec 2012
Retired Member

Banks need intelligent IT to increase workforce IQ

Banks need intelligent IT to increase workforce IQ In another Finextra blog post this month, it was highlighted that as banks move towards agile forms of managing their business, they are dismissing...

22 Nov 2012
Robert Siciliano

What Makes My Passwords Vulnerable?

There is no such thing as a truly secure pass­word. There are only more secure or less secure passwords. Passwords are currently the most convenient and effective way to control access to your account...

20 Nov 2012
Robert Siciliano

Internet Safety Is Not A Technology Problem

A recent story about a teen romance gone wrong, had reportedly started on Xbox. Now their parents and police say the four Iowa teens have run away from their homes. Two teenage girls from Shellsburg a...

20 Nov 2012
Bill McGloin

Batch data: the overnight killer

Are banks further behind the digital age than first thought? In a story earlier this year on the FT, they revealed that most investment banks still rely on overnight batch data to make trading decisi...

19 Nov 2012