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Retired Member

Can changing employees' behaviour mitigate business risk?

In last month’s Information Security Forum, CEO Steve Durbin called for changing employees’ behaviour with regards to security and data privacy as a way to reduce business risk. His argument resonate...

24 Sep 2014
Robert Siciliano

What to do in the Aftermath of an Attack

Can you hack cleaning up the mess a hacker makes after infiltrating your computer? Would you even know the first thing to do? And yes, YOU’RE computer CAN be hacked. After the attack, locate the por...

23 Sep 2014
Jane Adams

Security versus convenience - am I never satisfied?

One of the biggest aggravations involved in dealing with banks and credit card issuers is their security checking process when you contact their call centre. Questions, questions, so many questions. S...

23 Sep 2014
Robert Siciliano

10 most dangerous Facebook Scams

Twenty percent of the world’s population is “on” Facebook—that’s well over a billion people Top 10 Most Popular Facebook Scams Profile visitor stats. It’s all about vanity. It doesn’t take long for...

20 Sep 2014
Robert Siciliano

Identity proofing proves who You are

Identity proofing is proof of whom you are. Proving one’s identity starts with that person answering questions that only they themselves can answer (even if the answers are fictitious), such as their ...

16 Sep 2014
Retired Member

Mobile Money: Apple’s next security pitfall?

Apple has a trick it repeats every few years. It takes a technology or concept that has been around for some time, and makes it attractive and accessible for consumers. The iPod was far from the first...

11 Sep 2014
Robert Siciliano

Are All Hackers Bad?

The word hacker has a pretty negative connotation. It brings to mind other words like cybercriminal, thief, and malicious. It’s easy to see why hacker has a bad rep. The news is full of stories about ...

09 Sep 2014
Pat Carroll

iHack Hastens Call for Multi-factor Authentication

“If only I would have known” is a phase that Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton and possibly as many as 100 celebrities and notable personalities are likely saying after a reported massive breach of Apple’...

05 Sep 2014
Information Security
Robert Siciliano

How to Secure Your iCloud

By now you’ve heard that Jennifer Lawrence’s (and other celebs’) cellphone nude pictures were leaked out, but how in the heck did the hacker pull this off? Tech experts believe it was through the “Fin...

03 Sep 2014
Retired Member

The changing face of buyside implementations

The Industry is currently abuzz with talk of the Cloud as more and more firms adopt hosted solutions as part of their core operational strategy. While many of us are familiar with the benefits of host...

03 Sep 2014
Elton Cane

Contactless payments are not a choice

If you want a new debit or credit card in Australia, you're getting PayWave or PayPass - there's no choice. And Australian police forces, and at least some consumers, don't like it. Police are bemoan...

29 Aug 2014
Future Finance
Robert Siciliano

Best Way to Destroy a Computer Virus

Computer viruses are here to stay, which means users need to know the best way to eradicate them the moment they attack. Like disease viruses, computer viruses evolve and get “smarter.” The many diffe...

27 Aug 2014