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Amita Choudhary

How to Meet Finance Industry Security Standards when Migrating to Office 365

Migrating large databases is never an easy task, especially when it touches more sensitive data like financial records. E-mails are no exception to this, and Office 365 migration can be a messy proces...

27 Jul 2020
Information Security
Sunil Jhamb

Why PSPs must do more to boost social-media payments

Purchasing items on social media is a growing international trend with huge potential. During the COVID-19 crisis, 42% of people in an international Global Web Index survey reported spending a greater...

16 Jul 2020
The future of Payments in Europe
Uri Rivner

The Gig Economy and the case of Split Identities

The gig economy is exploding these days, especially in the wake of the global virus outbreak. According to the Bureau of Labor projections, the portion of gig economy workers will increase to 43% in ...

12 Jul 2020
Nicholas Bradford

Do Those Website Cookies Come in Chocolate Chip?

Who doesn’t love cookies? There are so many different kinds: chocolate chip, oatmeal, peanut butter, internet… wait, what? In the banking and payments sectors, we’re always thinking about security. ...

30 Jun 2020
Bence Jendruszak

Businesses need quick ways to respond to fraud during COVID-19

During COVID-19 we’ve seen the mass digitisation of many industries. With countries around the world going into lockdown, while highstreets and physical stores close for business, many companies have ...

24 Jun 2020
Koen Vanpraet

How to fight back against Covid-19 scams

Online crime gangs were quick to capitalise on Coronavirus. So much so that almost 3% of global spam is estimated to be Covid-19 related, according to internet security company Sophos, and 36% of peop...

18 Jun 2020
Jimmy Fong

What have we learned about fraud prevention during the Covid-19 outbreak?

The Covid-19 outbreak has forced the retail industry to adapt to different ways of operating, as physical stores and highstreets close for business and many turned to online trading to stay afloat dur...

02 Jun 2020
Information Security
Tamas Kadar

Choosing the right fraud models during the COVID-19 outbreak

The Covid-19 outbreak has meant that industries across the board have had to adapt to different ways of operating while countries around the world are in lockdown. From a fraud perspective, companies ...

02 Jun 2020
Information Security
Mike Kiser

How Identity is Securely Unlocking the SME Banking Market

Have an identification card in your wallet? With a selfie and a few short minutes, you could have access to a business bank account. Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) have long been the fuel that d...

29 May 2020
James Stickland

Working from Home: Remote Security or Securely Remote?

As governments start to ease lockdown measures, business leaders are adapting to how the world of work has changed. In a post-COVID landscape, remote working will be more accepted – even in the bank...

20 May 2020
Yaroslav Kuflinski

How machine learning helps with combating financial fraud

Fraud is an ever-lasting problem for banks and other financial institutions, which only continues to persist. As we are moving toward ubiquitous digitalization, criminals are discovering new weak spot...

17 Apr 2020
Paul Butterworth

How security in the mPOS game is changing

Just over ten years ago, in 2009, Jack Dorsey of Twitter fame launched Square, changing the PoS industry as it existed. Square used a simple magnetic-stripe card-reading dongle that plugged into the ...

30 Mar 2020