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Robert Siciliano

SIM Swapping: What You Need to Know

Have you heard of SIM swapping? It’s a new trick that hackers are using to get money and mess up your life. What is SIM Swapping? So, what is SIM swapping? It’s when a hacker tricks your cell phone c...

19 Dec 2019
Uri Rivner

Top 10 Cybercrime and Online Fraud predictions for 2020

As a decade of online fraud fighting is drawing to a close, it’s time to think about the next decade! Fraudsters were very busy this decade, coming up with an ever expanding bag of tricks, and we shou...

18 Dec 2019
Digital Banking Trends
Scott Cutler

Three’s a crowd: why third-party vendors are both an opportunity and a threat

From social media apps to exercise tracking and online shopping, today consumers are producing data at an unprecedented rate and businesses of every type are under pressure to ensure the safety of tha...

18 Dec 2019
Information Security
Simon Hawtin

Building the case for biometrics in lending

The term may still sound rather futuristic, but biometrics – the study of distinctive and measurable characteristics to label an individual – is already reshaping our world. These characteristics, kno...

12 Dec 2019
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation
Hamza Khan

The race for alternative data

'Data is the new oil.’ It’s a dramatic statement – and certainly a contentious one. Just as one publication makes the case for it, another rubbishes the concept. The first argument points out that dat...

11 Dec 2019
Fintech innovation and startups
Stacy Gorkoff

How to Detect and Prevent Transaction Reversal Fraud - UK Edition

On November 21st, a security alert from NCR was issued describing a new form of Transaction Reversal Fraud (TRF) occurring in the UK, typically between 10 PM and midnight on any given day. Contrary t...

26 Nov 2019
Transaction Fraud Systems and Analysis
Michael Davison

Bringing foresight to bear on security performance

Much is made of the ability of Artificial Intelligence to improve business performance in many different ways and places in organisations. Financial Services as a sector is no stranger to these claim...

26 Nov 2019
Artificial Intelligence and Financial Services
Konrad Litwin

Why open banking standards mean a security-first approach to API management is needed

The UK’s own Open Banking Standards and the European Payment Services Directive current wave (PSD2) are both indications that a more open approach to transactions between financial services institutio...

25 Nov 2019
Scott Cutler

More than the sum of parts: why collaboration is key to security in financial services

From “The Italian Job” to “Point Break”, “Bonnie and Clyde” to “Baby Driver”, many of the most popular heist movies are about bank robberies. As it is in fiction, so it is in fact; when bank robberies...

14 Nov 2019
Information Security
Michael Davison

Security and business reputation: a relationship in transition

The reputation of any financial services organisation rests squarely on trust, security and professional integrity. Breaches of any of these profoundly damages the belief of markets, investors and cus...

05 Nov 2019
Artificial Intelligence and Financial Services
Vikas Seth

Why reliable identity verification should matter for the online gaming industry

Online gaming industry is growing, and data says there will be 820 million online gamers in 2023*, that's an increase of over 26 percent compared to 2018. One of the key challenges that industry faces...

03 Nov 2019
Chris Holmes

Using AI in the fight against fraud

Financial services providers have been using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning for a range of operations, including credit underwriting and conversational banking. However, one use cas...

23 Oct 2019
Artificial Intelligence and Financial Services