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Scott Cutler

More than the sum of parts: why collaboration is key to security in financial services

From “The Italian Job” to “Point Break”, “Bonnie and Clyde” to “Baby Driver”, many of the most popular heist movies are about bank robberies. As it is in fiction, so it is in fact; when bank robberies...

14 Nov 2019
Information Security
Michael Davison

Security and business reputation: a relationship in transition

The reputation of any financial services organisation rests squarely on trust, security and professional integrity. Breaches of any of these profoundly damages the belief of markets, investors and cus...

05 Nov 2019
Artificial Intelligence and Financial Services
Vikas Seth

Why reliable identity verification should matter for the online gaming industry

Online gaming industry is growing, and data says there will be 820 million online gamers in 2023*, that's an increase of over 26 percent compared to 2018. One of the key challenges that industry faces...

03 Nov 2019
Chris Holmes

Using AI in the fight against fraud

Financial services providers have been using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning for a range of operations, including credit underwriting and conversational banking. However, one use cas...

23 Oct 2019
Artificial Intelligence and Financial Services
Matthew Phillips

The evolution of fraud and security - Is it a numbers game or can it be calculated?

Financial services remain a favoured target of skilled cybercriminals, which has left the industry scrambling to keep pace. Yet, if we consider the recent advancements in technologies such as artifici...

17 Oct 2019
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation
James Stickland

Passwordfree vs. passwordless authentication: the vital differences

Not only do people not like using passwords, but there’s consensus in the identity and access management space that they are not the most secure way to protect data. Look at this year’s Verizon Data I...

15 Oct 2019
Mark Goldspink

Hitting the streets. Why fighting fraud is not just about sitting in an office

Fraud has reached the highest levels on record, affecting more organizations than ever. The scale of the problem was revealed in last year’s PWC Global Economic Crime and Fraud Survey. Of the 7,228 b...

01 Oct 2019
Artificial Intelligence and Financial Services
Paul Shumsky

4 Myths About Blockchain

While the use of Blockchain may provide transformative advantages over other technologies in some cases, they are not a panacea and do not magically solve every problem. Many publications, reports, a...

27 Sep 2019
Transaction Fraud Systems and Analysis
Mike Kiser

Strong Customer Authentication: The Potential and Peril of Biometric Authentication

As I strode quickly off the plane I had taken back to the US and towards customs recently after an international trip, I reached into my satchel. Like the rest of humanity, I did not want to spend any...

25 Sep 2019
Banking Regulations
James Stickland

Financial sector granted life-line extension to PSD2’s Strong Customer Authentication

Regulators put little trust in the strength of the current payment authentication system and rightly so, as fraud levels have hit an all-time high. In the last year, over 2.6 million UK accounts have ...

17 Sep 2019
Banking Regulations
Nikhil Sengupta

PSD2: the time to act is now

There’s nothing quite like an impending deadline to shake you out of summer holiday mode – and PSD2, due to come into force on September 14th, is a significant one. Whilst the FCA recently confirmed a...

13 Sep 2019
Open Banking
Keith Stonell

It's the quiet ones you've got to watch...

Cyber-attacks are hardly new news, but they are an ever-changing threat. The cyber landscape does not stand still for long, and with each new technological innovation, hackers find new vulnerabilities...

11 Sep 2019