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The regulation vs competition debate: Is it time for new business models?

As Autumn turned to Winter and the Christmas tree went up, I’ve found myself daydreaming of a European holiday somewhere sunny. Maybe it’s the Instagram feed full of friends on a sojourn to Italy, Fra...

18 Dec 2018
Trends in Financial Services
Anna Kuzmina

Russia wants to adapt its payment laws to market reality

“Central Bank of Russia takes control over foreign payment systems and e-wallets”, “Alipay and WeChat Pay will be restricted in Russia”, “Russian Central Bank will strengthen regulation towards Apple ...

18 Dec 2018
Banking Regulations
Marc Gratacos

Product categorization

With the pressures around regulatory compliance only continuing to intensify, the critical role played in the reporting of financial transactions by product category codes has come into ever sharper f...

17 Dec 2018
Financial Services Regulation
Matt Miller

Pushing forward against regulatory headwinds with artificial intelligence

Many regulations impact the way banks and financial services firms make commitments or conduct transactions with partners and customers. This means that they must find relevant contracts, review the

17 Dec 2018
Sam Goffman

Security Token Offering: analysis, problems and prospects

Considering the increasingly strict approach of regulators to tokens and cryptocurrencies in recent years, attracting investments through Security Token Offering (STO) is the next logical step for the...

13 Dec 2018
Trends in Financial Services
Simon Monahan

Why improving cyber resilience starts with a better understanding of current capabilities

In a recent speech at Bloomberg, Megan Butler, Executive Director of Supervision at the FCA, described the threat level facing financial firms as ‘remarkable’. These comments were made in light of a ...

13 Dec 2018
Information Security
Michael Kerman

Customer Screening is the DIY Project From Hell

Every year, without fail, many banks and financial institutions embark on internal projects to improve their compliance operations. And every year, also without fail, they stumble and get stuck. What ...

11 Dec 2018
Financial Risk Management
Steve Wilcockson

Life After MiFID II

It's been a busy and fun Autumn on the London financial services conference circuit. I've been lucky enough to attend a healthy diversity of events with distinct though intersecting agendas. I've atte...

11 Dec 2018
Shaun Thomas

The future of Anti-Money Laundering Compliance

It is common practice for AML compliance departments to be traditionally people-heavy and technology inefficient. This is set to change in the next five years or so, with AML compliance departments pl...

11 Dec 2018
Financial Services Regulation
Neil Crammond


Blockchain has managed to survive 2018 and one cannot help wondering if regulators could of helped establish more confidence in this new currency provider ? Initial coin offerings (ICO) were hurrie...

10 Dec 2018
Blockchain Observations
Alexander Dunaev

Governments key to solving financial inclusion

Around 1.7bn people are unbanked according to the World Bank, down from 2.5bn only seven years ago. Considerable progress has been made in just a few years with innovations in fintech taking much of t...

05 Dec 2018
Vibhav Agarwal

Top 4 ways to secure your data in the cloud

In today’s information age, a daunting challenge for financial organisations of all sizes is determining the right approach to the storage of large volumes of data in a safe, cost-effective, compliant...

05 Dec 2018
Information Security