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Retired Member

Customering - not Banking

Having a customer focus is contrary to the way that most complex organisations think and operate. During troubled times, that distancing from customers tends to increase: the organisation's focus is o...

10 Jun 2014
Lavanyaa Moses

Branches need to evolve - or they will wither

Over recent months, many young customers in America have choosen to switch to banks that don’t have branches such as Simple(bank) in US or are using companies that are not traditional banks like Squar...

05 Jun 2014
Retired Member

Act now on transfers before the regulators act on you

Act now on transfers before the regulators act on you Despite a significant rise in the number of affluent investors, the wealth management industry’s track record of keeping its customers happy is st...

02 Jun 2014
Retired Member

ATM Cash Management: Prepare now for rises in interest rates

ATM Cash Management - It might not look like it, but now is the time to prepare for a rise in interest rates. There are still mixed signals on the future of short term interest rates and with the ECB ...

02 Jun 2014
Retired Member

Lessons for Bankers from the Indian General Elections

Finally, the dust has settled! About 550 million adult Indians have chosen a decisive government with absolute majority, and that too for the first time in about 30 years. The world’s largest democra...

02 Jun 2014
Nanda Kumar

Muddy waters: future of mobile payments as unclear as ever

Recent news that Isis, the US telco-based mobile payments platform, is growing at a rate of 20,000 users a day, was welcomed as validation by the cheerleaders of mobile banking. For the rest of us – t...

27 May 2014
Mukesh Gupta

Is Banking now a Commodity Service?

If you happen to notice of late, all banks now have been relegated to a commodity status. It doesn't matter which bank you want to do business with, you will find that all of these banks offer very si...

27 May 2014
Finance 2.0
Retired Member

Boosting savings - how technology can help

Governments want us to take personal responsibility for our financial futures. They give us incentives to do this – in the UK, ISAs (Individual Savings Accounts) are a prime example of this. Howeve

22 May 2014
Retired Member

Are banks doomed to be infrastructure managers?

Tripliii attended NextBank Asia, a 2-day event in Singapore focused on innovation and building the bank of the future. Pitched to challenge the status quo, the event had the additional spark of hosti...

22 May 2014
Nic Parmaksizian

It's Time to Build 'The Relevant Bank'

The Relevant Bank concept challenges attempts to finish the roof before starting the foundations. What does being The Relevant Bank actually mean? First and foremost, it means being relevant personall...

21 May 2014
Ketharaman Swaminathan

Analytics or Hair Splitting?

Advances in Big Data, Internet of Things and other technologies are contributing to an ever-increasing quantum of information in today's digital world. Not surprisingly, analytics has become a hot top...

19 May 2014
Andy Hirst

Driving digitisation: the big win-win for both sides

Empowered and connected like never before, customers want anytime, anywhere access to their financial data. Sounds like hard work and a big technology investment for banks? Actually, life is set to

19 May 2014