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Samarth Shekhar

Retail banking: sexy again?

After five years of rehab, Citigroup has certainly figured out which side its bread is buttered and decided to go back to the old darling of banking, perhaps leaving the dealmakers licking their wound...

21 Aug 2012
Retired Member

Get set for real-time payments down under

The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) has been encouraging Australian banks to innovate for some time now. In a consultation paper released earlier this year, the Central Bank highlighted calls for th...

16 Aug 2012
Elizabeth Lumley

Mo Money, Mo Problems

Does anyone remember the scene from season five of The Wire, when Proposition Joe starts laundering the money from the New Day Co-op drug cartel in an off-shore bank in Antilles? (If not, get the box ...

15 Aug 2012
Finance 2.0
Nick Ogden

Improving customer loyalty - let's get back to business

Earlier this month, the Bank of England launched the Funding for Lending scheme, to lend money at below market rates to financial institutions. It is designed to prompt banks and lenders to make more ...

14 Aug 2012
Innovation in Financial Services
Retired Member

Risk Management in Banking: Introducing Changes

Only 46% of banks are confident that their company has adequate risk management tools and processes, and that management follows risk management recommendations, as found by a recent Tower Watson surv...

14 Aug 2012
Financial Risk Management
Martin Bailey

Help - I've got crisis fatigue

The world has been in crisis now for 5 years. That is a year longer than World War I and a year shorter than World War II. To me, the word crisis implies a short moment of panic when something is goin...

06 Aug 2012
Transaction Banking
Andy Hunter

Making UK Payments Regulation Work

Government's decision to wind up the Payments Council and vest control in some form of statutory body raises serious issues of governance and commerciality. The underlying assumption that civil servan...

06 Aug 2012
Transaction Banking
Retired Member

Minority Report

Late last week, Lloyds Banking group announced its mid-year results. Lloyds, the UK's biggest bank, posted a half-year loss of £439 million. The results were not surprising. The tide of economic tu...

05 Aug 2012
Finance 2.0
Ketharaman Swaminathan

My Bank Does Right To Scrap Cheque Deposit Systems

Over five years ago, I'd written a post titled Cheque Deposit Systems — Are They Really Worth It? During the next couple of years, I'd found this equipment to be down every other time that I'd visited...

04 Aug 2012
Darren Negraeff

Banking on the Relationship

Sometimes, to understand where you need to go, you need to look back at what the past held. Banks previously employed a silo-based approach towards pricing and reacted only to competitive offerings wh...

03 Aug 2012
Innovation in Financial Services
Brett King

Can the banking industry re-engineer trust in the system?

I grew up in a world where a run on the ‘bank’ was never realistically going to happen. I grew up in a world where when someone wished to declare the truthfulness of their assertion they’d simply say ...

01 Aug 2012
Finance 2.0
Hans Tesselaar

SOA - a 'playlist' experience for financial services

I have written at length in the past about the growing importance of flexibility and efficiency in banking IT systems. As competition from emerging markets grows with the rising powers of Asian banks...

31 Jul 2012