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MiFIR: How ISINs Work: 7

Market participants are usually surprised to find that the governance of the ISIN system is not the responsibility of ISO (the International Organization for Standardization). As the Association of N...

17 Dec 2015
Henner Brüner

T2S: Commercial advantages for Treasurers and Collateral Managers

Don't drown in the waves of T2S implementation. Surf them in pursuit of lasting competitive advantages, delivered through effective liquidity and collateral management. T2S-related preparation and imp...

15 Dec 2015
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MiFIR: How ISINs Work: 6

By recommending that the European Commission should adopt Technical Standards that mandate the use of only ISINs for MiFIR regulatory reporting, ESMA has in practice reinforced the sole-supplier statu...

14 Dec 2015
Retired Member

Blockchain: An Informal Investigation of Strategic Competition for Profit Pools

If You Can't Beat Them, Join Them First of all, a confession is due. After weeks of fretting over the futility of predicting the future of technology, I have now formally joined the high minded sport ...

13 Dec 2015
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MiFIR: How ISINs Work: 5

What happens if an ISIN issuer for a country hasn't issued or doesn't want to issue ISINs for some asset classes or instrument types? What if a country has no official ISIN issuer? That's where &quo...

11 Dec 2015
Retired Member

MiFIR: How ISINs Work: 4

Who can issue ISINs? You might think that any stock or derivatives or commodities exchange can issue ISINs for the instruments traded on their platforms - but they can't. ISO has nominated one Regis...

09 Dec 2015
Retired Member

MiFIR: How ISINs Work: 3

It’s surprising how many people think that ISINs (International Securities Identification Numbers) are free. In practice, very little around ISO standards is free, other than the time and effort that...

06 Dec 2015
Anna Monteiro


First introduced in November 2013, the Amended Transparency Directive (TDA) provided EU member countries two years to conform their regulations to those adopted by the EU Commission. With the deadline...

03 Dec 2015
Retired Member

MiFIR: How ISINs Work: 2

Who allocates ISINs to financial instruments? You could easily get half-a-dozen different answers based on the assumptions of people in financial markets. As a starting point, ISINs are not issued b...

02 Dec 2015
Retired Member

MiFIR: How ISINs Work: 1

Many people in the market seem to have a misunderstanding about what ISINs (International Securities Identification Numbers) are, how they work and what they can be used for. That misunderstanding ha...

01 Dec 2015
Neil Crammond


Recent court cases involving Navinder Sarao and Mike Corscia - along with Barclays $150 million spoofing fine - are very clear examples of a system refusing to react to manipulations even when they ha...

24 Nov 2015
Retired Member

The trials and tribulations of a Compliance Officer - need for a 'regulatory compliance framework

These days I hear from many people who work in the regulatory compliance world that they are very busy people, working very long hours, their time being consumed with a number of competing and complex...

23 Nov 2015