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Mini-Outsourcing - small but perfectly formed

The Outsourcing Paradigm What is the reason that many organisations do not pursue any form of outsourcing as a means to drive cost reduction and efficiency improvement? Could it be that past experienc...

22 Dec 2009
Bo Harald

Final report - roadmap to paradigmatic platform

It took some time - 26 full days of meetings and countless telephone conferences to get this report in place. But it was time well spent as the iteration rounds unified the opinions, fully supported...

10 Dec 2009
Innovation in Financial Services
Gert Raeves

Price and Prejudice and Zombies

Easily the most unusual literary success story of the year, the Jane Austen inspired mash-up novel which inspires this blog title is terrific trashy fun. If you are looking for a quirky Christmas pres...

03 Dec 2009
Data Management 101
Dinakar Orampati

Cgap examines the future of mobile banking..

Good to see the Cgap examines on the future and growth of mobile banking customers. Examination toward the Anti Money laundering needs to be addressed to review KYC standard paramters (id's,...) on mo...

20 Nov 2009
SWIFT Matters
Elizabeth Lumley

The future of financial networks. Transatlantic, webcast

Finextra and BT are joined by Credit Suisse, HSBC, Knight Equity Markets, Cisco Systems and the Tabb Group for a one hour, transatlantic discussion looking at the future of financial networls. The liv...

19 Nov 2009
Elizabeth Lumley

Could this be the mythical Markit-killer?

Bloomberg's global identifiers for all asset classes are now available for free. A move that will be applauded by most standards and identifier evangelists. However, as most veterans of the standards ...

04 Nov 2009
Data Management 101
Atso Andersen

Financial Services' Contribution to Climate Change

It is indirect, the industry representatives used to say. Then the stories went to the difficulty to provide climate change- or sustainability-oriented mutual fund products as they underperform the ma...

03 Nov 2009
Retired Member


The American Securitization Forum’s (ASF) work to enable the tracking of individual US mortgages is just one example of the finance world’s renewed faith in fact. This in turn is paving the way fo

26 Oct 2009
Data Management 101
Retired Member

Buy-side Perspective: Corporate Actions Still a Priority?

With an increasing pressure on revenue and margins, corporate action losses are becoming more difficult to absorb within the business. The risk profile has not changed, but the ability to absorb these...

06 Oct 2009
Asia Financial Services
Retired Member

Corporate Actions: Faxes Working Overtime

Too much time drinking the XBRL "cool-aid" can seriously damage your health, as can obsessing about the co-existence of ISO 15022 and ISO 20022 message formats, without dealing with today's ...

01 Oct 2009
Asia Financial Services
John Cant

The hidden cost of delay

For most financial sector decision makers, the challenging market conditions of the past year or so - despite any recent positive portents that countries are exiting recession - have promoted a natura...

25 Sep 2009
Innovation in Financial Services
Rajeev Nair

CASE - Auricles and Ventricles of Payments

KPMG's report - insights to global payments titled "The beating heart of Banking" indicates reversal of priorities on payments agenda, which points to opportunities and threats faced by the ...

25 Sep 2009
Innovation in Financial Services