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The Salamander: Visualising Critical Banking Operations

Understanding internal operations is crucial in financial services. Are public interfaces running smoothly? Are the back-end business systems as productive as they could be? Are infrastructure resourc...

22 Dec 2014
Retired Member

Eating our own dogfood...

...using the principles of operational excellence for IT The first two blogs of this series examined how we can design from the outset for operational excellence, when given the luxury of doing so, an...

12 Dec 2014
Retired Member

Streamline operations for compliance

Risk management has been transformed beyond recognition in the past few years. The regulatory wave unleashed by the 2008 financial crisis has created a need for a new layer of operations for implement...

03 Dec 2014
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Supply and Demand: The OPEC Dilemma

Factors driving down the price of oil causing deep divisions among OPEC nations! To many, it is known as black gold - the thick sludge that gushes out of wells across the Middle East, where a huge por...

27 Nov 2014
Amit Agrawal

Risk Ratios

I thought let us talk about some of the rules and its impact on different regions Basel liquidity rule Covers : Banks worldwide What it does : Requires banks to hold enough cash or assets which can me...

22 Nov 2014
Financial Services Regulation
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Another Lehman’s legacy: connecting the data dots

Look back to Lehman’s and regulators uncovered 2,985 legal entities operating across 50 countries. No one understood their counterparty relationships with the rest of Wall Street or across the globe. ...

19 Nov 2014
Anna Monteiro

Can You Teach an Old Dog a New Trick?

This question is fundamental in so many areas of life and business. When faced with the decision to change direction in favor of something new or continue with what has provided support for years, we ...

19 Nov 2014
Retired Member

Schema Valididation and Enhanced Reconciliations

Based on the work I have done on reconciliations for some of the largest investment banks in the world, including those in America, Canada and the UK I'm convinced that there is room for improvement i...

19 Nov 2014
Retired Member

Life after the commodities boom

Data is one of the world’s most precious commodities. And companies dealing in commodities are facing ever complex data sets, more regulations, tighter trading timelines and depressed markets. Those l...

18 Nov 2014
Bill Blythe

Taking a best practise reconciliation approach to IBOR

While there’s general consensus across the buy-side regarding the value IBOR can deliver to investment firms, the debate over how best to implement it still rumbles on. There are many challenges in pr...

12 Nov 2014
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The Rubik's cube of APAC regulation

AML. Dodd-Frank. OTC Derivatives reform. The Volcker rule. Basel IV. FATCA. GATCA. The list goes on but the introduction of new local and global regulations shows no signs of abating. Against this bac...

28 Oct 2014
Retired Member

Managing 3-D Compliance

The old joke about “How do you eat an elephant? – one bite at a time!” can be applied to compliance issues as well: dealing with them department-by-department within the firm is one way of breaking do...

27 Oct 2014