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Matt White

Good time to bury bad news?

Christmas – a time to spend time with loved ones, relax with plenty of food and drink and, if you’re a troubled fintech firm, slip out any embarrassing news whilst the rest of us are busy doing better...

21 Dec 2007
Paul Penrose

Don't be a Scrooge this holiday

Aaron Patzer, founder of money management software start-up Mint, extols the virtue of his patent-pending technology engine in a video posted via prnewswire. The system aggregates all your spending a...

21 Dec 2007
Video extravaganza
Paul Penrose

Street-level innovation in mobile commerce

As principal researcher for Nokia, Jan Chipchase travels around the world looking at how people live their lives and interact with new technology. In this video presentation he turns the spotlight on...

20 Dec 2007
Video extravaganza
Retired Member

Regulators about to rule on interchange -watch this closely

Here's something that could have a big impact on how payment schemes are going to compete in the future. European regulators are expected tomorrow to force MasterCard to cut interchange fees, but the ...

18 Dec 2007
SEPA and European Payments
Jan-Olof Brunila

Prepaid or deposits?

If a bank like A & L offers on one hand deposit accounts and on the other hand prepaid accounts - where does the regulator draw the line between the two fundamentally different services? How does...

17 Dec 2007
Sriram Natarajan

Sell - Web 2.0 is here

I chanced to see a seemingly innocuous news item on PayPal launching a Beta version of its Store Widget- I am not sure if the Cards and Payments industry is cogni...

09 Dec 2007
John Cant

Cheque mate?

The humble cheque seems to have some very keen supporters as Ian Benn's blog demonstrates, so I thought it was worth sharing some material extracted from the most recent MPIE Financial Sector Bulleti...

05 Dec 2007
UK Faster Payments
Sriram Natarajan

Mobile number as citizen ID - Part II

Further to my jottings to on the subject of using mobile numbers as citizen IDs, I thought I would get more into details on the subject. Mobile phones can be the tipping point of reaching out the 'ne...

04 Dec 2007
Retired Member

T plus 1 equals A

As my blog stands for Practical Cash Management, first blog posting title should be a bit easier to understand than it is now. But as we are only few days away from the first real SEPA implementations...

26 Nov 2007
Paul Penrose

Mobile payments gather momentum

Royal Bank of Scotland is to conduct internal staff trials of mobile payment technology using MasterCard's PayPass contactless system. News of the pilot comes the day after the card scheme announced ...

23 Nov 2007
Trends in Financial Services
Alan Goodrich

Stick, TWIST or Buy..? Oh dear, BUST..!

First of all, credit where credit is due - the title concept is attributable to one of my colleagues, not me - thank you Howard! Yesterday evening we attended a lively Financial Services Club session ...

23 Nov 2007
Financial Supply Chain
Alan Goodrich

45 Shopping Days to SEPA..!

Depending on your local bank/public holidays, there are just 45 business days to "SEPA Day"..! I can't help wondering just how "SEPA-ready" banks and corporates really are with eff...

21 Nov 2007
SEPA and European Payments