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Steve Morgan


For commercial banks, a nagging issue is how to improve cross border payments. Compared to domestic payments they are more expensive, cumbersome and take longer to carry out. But despite banking techn...

15 Nov 2019
Transaction Banking
Anthony Walton

Readiness for Immediate Payments

The payments industry is seeing a massive global surge in the implementation or modernisation of Immediate Payment systems. These systems challenge the status quo, and when used effectively create rea...

12 Nov 2019
Payments strategies 2015-2020-2030
Jennifer Worley

Paying Your Customers Faster Could Yield Business Returns

Last year, $328 billion was transferred via digital, peer-to-peer faster payment options PayPal, Venmo and Zelle. As our culture becomes more on-demand, these payment methods are exploding in popular...

06 Nov 2019
Anthony Walton

Real-Time Payments. The Winners, Losers and Barriers to Innovation

Immediate Payments, Real-Time Payments, Faster Payments – wherever you are in the world you probably have a term for it, but whatever that is, Real-Time Payments (RTP) is probably spreading faster tha...

05 Nov 2019
Trends in Financial Services
Jeremy Light

Programmable Value is the Future of Financial Services

About 3% of the money supply in the UK is made up of physical notes, the rest is electronic money held on computer systems. Globally, about 8% of the world’s money is cash, 92% is electronic.* With th...

04 Nov 2019
Blockchain Observations
Zac Cohen

Spoooooky Types of Identity Fraud

At the end of this month, an army of ghosts, ghouls, witches and goblins will roam the streets in search of candy. As terrifying as these hungry souls may be, a more ghastly monster -- in search of so...

29 Oct 2019
Simon Bennet

20022 after 2020

SWIFT payments and related messages are changing to ISO 20022 standard in the coming three years and these changes will be market mandatory over the medium term. At this point the key action item is ...

28 Oct 2019
Payments strategies 2015-2020-2030
Rodrigo Zepeda

PSD2: Regulation, Strategy, and Innovation

Strong Customer Authentication Across the European Union (EU) the original revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2) Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) final implementation date of 14th September 20...

27 Oct 2019
The future of Payments in Europe
Paul Shumsky

Uber Can Learn From Walmart’s Employee Mobile Wallet Experience

Uber could well be the next uber employer to be offering employees access to a payroll-based mobile wallet that provides financial benefits, including financial loans. Recently, the listed ride-hailin...

25 Oct 2019
Jesse Champagne

Reward Your Most Valuable Asset This Holiday Season With An Employee Incentive Card

Loyal employees are the most valuable asset a company can have. What are YOU doing to show your employees that you value and appreciate them? This holiday season, make sure you reward and recognize yo...

15 Oct 2019
Jesse Champagne

5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs A Holiday Prepaid Card Program

The holiday season is quickly approaching. Is your business ready? Keeping your employees and customers happy during a busy and hectic holiday season can be the difference between getting a present or...

11 Oct 2019
Chris Holmes

Will stablecoins be able to sail into the mainstream?

The main barrier for cryptocurrencies earning mainstream use has been the volatility of their value; frequent news stories of Bitcoin’s value falling significantly over a short space of time no longer...

11 Oct 2019
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation