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Anna Kuzmina

Norway prefers Alipay to Apple Pay

from Alizila Nordics are awesome in so many ways. And one of those is my favorite fintech. We are already used to Alipay daily appearing in the news when they make yet another partnership in yet ano

20 Dec 2018
Retired Member

How data drives mobile app success

Launching a mobile app is only the first step to having a successful app! To improve mobile app performance, mining data is essential to ensuring you are doing the most important things to drive resul...

18 Dec 2018
Uri Rivner

State Sponsored Attacks: Is the US taking the gloves off?

It looks serious this time: the Trump administration says it’s ready to hit China with direct sanctions for what the US says is a sustained digital industrial espionage campaign. It’s quite unprec

15 Dec 2018
Information Security
Chris Principe

Crypto-Crypt or Gold Mine?

Crypto-Crypt or Gold Mine? As you probably remember, Bitcoin was the big news headlines and the dinner table talk of a year ago. As crypto-currencies soared in value, it was rightly the dominant topic...

13 Dec 2018
Chris Holmes

FinTech Guide for Global Citizens

With traditional providers slow to cater to global citizens, FinTechs have been quick to fill the space, launching innovative solutions to meet global citizens’ banking, remittance and payments needs....

12 Dec 2018
Personal Finance
Rune Sørensen

Payment Cards on the Table: is your Infrastructure up to the Challenge?

The introduction of new payment types has created a greater need for a strong, flexible card infrastructure than ever before. That’s easy for issuers to lose sight of; mobile services are new, excitin...

05 Dec 2018
Digital Banking Trends
Jared Ronski

The Chargeback Battle Has Just Begun

The hustle and bustle of holiday shopping season is in full-swing, and with it comes the threat of a spike in chargebacks. While the excitement of increased ecommerce sales—to the tune of a predicted...

04 Dec 2018
Payments strategies 2015-2020-2030
Retired Member

How to pick the right app store keywords for your fintech app

With over two million apps in both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store, it’s important to do all you can to maximise the chances of people finding your app(s). A crucial part of App Store Op...

04 Dec 2018
Retired Member

Increase mobile app retention using push notifications

Here's a look at some very simple things you can do to increase mobile app retention with push notifications. WHAT IS RETENTION? There are a number of different ways of measuring retention. For the...

28 Nov 2018
Steve Cook

3D face mapping as a true differentiator in biometric liveness detection

The rapid global adoption of biometrics for identification and access management by organisations of all sizes clearly indicates they are here to stay. Yet, until 3D face authentication technology bec...

28 Nov 2018
Anna Kuzmina

India stack

There was one particular subject that got the spotlight at the recent fintech conference that I talked about. India stack. Meaning, the number of government-led initiatives to bring India to the f

27 Nov 2018
Digital Banking Trends
Uri Rivner

Fortnite Scams: what you need to teach your kids

Everyone with kids aged nine and above must be painfully aware of the highly addictive online game that became their single most popular post-school activity. And not just kids are playing it: teena

21 Nov 2018
Information Security